The plant watering and toadstool kicking didn't go quite as planned. I let the plant go too long without water. Instead of perking up after I watered it it just laid there. Crap. I watered the plant before my nap and was looking forward to seeing it standing when I got up. Realizing that the plant was dead kind of sucked some of the fun out of toadstool kicking.

Sweety read about my plans last night and said he almost went outside and pulled the toadstools up. I would've kicked his ass if he'd have done that.

While I was napping I gave Stinky dog a treat to nibble on. She puked on the bedroom floor. I guess it wasn't the tasty kind of vomit because Tiny dog didn't eat it.

I just went outside and annihilated all the ant colonies in my yard. I feel powerful. This is a good way to end the day.


Bekah said...

How did you annihilate the ants? We pour instant grits on our ant hills (fire ant hills) because fire ant killer will kill the dogs if they eat it, which they would. I would really like to set fire to all the ant hills in my yard with a big fucking blow torch, but I think that might not work... or it would work too well and I'd burn down the neighborhood along with the ants.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Good for you! Did you kick the shit out of those ants or beat them down with the heal of your shoe, or what?
Hey, any advice on how to get rid of flies without using a lot of chemicals? I'm hoping the flies are going to be gone, now that it got cold here in the hills today...

What was it that your doggie threw up?

Midwestern City Boy said...

I would have just poisoned them with insecticide. I'd be most happy if my house was floating on a pool of Chlordane so long as it didn't make us sick.

Chickie said...

bekah - I used some kind of ant killer that's supposed to be pet friendly. The canines don't go in the part of the yard where I did it anyway. I've never heard of using instant grits. I may have to give that a go.

old lady of the hill - I carefully destroy the hill with my shoe and while the little fuckers are wondering what hit them I dust them liberally with poison.

I think it was mostly spit and a piece of her dog treat that didn't agree with her. She is a glutton.

mcb - I'm with you on that. I hate insects.