Does anyone know of a good program to keep pop-up ads from showing up? My AOL pop-up control is USELESS. I'd like to get something else but I'm afraid to download anything because then I'd run the risk of getting an internet disease.

I managed to get all our photos off the computer and on disks. At one point I thought I'd erased all our photos but after spending 15 minutes weeping at my keyboard and pleading with the computer to spew them forth, I found them. Not where they were supposed to be but at least I found them. The only thing lost during the photo saving fest were all of our naked photos. But I guess we can make more of those.

Besides dink with the computer I've done nothing really productive today. I drove all over Creation looking for a Dunkin Donuts and went and bought some beads to make Tiny dog some more necklaces. It's been cold enough in the morning that she can wear her hoodie. Pink, fluffy with fake fur trim around the hood. She loves it. Well, maybe not. But I love her in it.

There's a baseball game tonight. It will be nice to go to a ballgame and not be hot while we're there.

Oh, I did something horrible yesterday. I left the house the same time that I always do to pick the boys up from school. When I got there my usual parking space wasn't available because of some construction. So I had to search for a parking spot. I get to LB's(8) classroom and I can see kids putting on their backpacks and I think I've gotten there before the bell rang. About 5 minutes later LB comes up the sidewalk and I realize that he was out of class when I got to his classroom to wait. And his eyes are all red. I ask him if his nose has been runny and he advised me that indeed it had been - because he'd spent the last 7 minutes crying and looking for me. I still feel lower than a snake's belly. To make up for it I let him buy bottled rootbeer to have with his dinner and chocolate cake for dessert.


Jess said...

www.popupcop.com but its a 20 dollar program. I used to have it (the free trial) and it worked great.

I use firefox http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ for a web browser, I really like it. One of the features is that you no longer get pop up ads, also its customizable for free and it stops spyware and other nastyness from getting in ..

For spyware removal there are two good programs FREE - Go to www.lavasoft.com and get Ad-Aware, also go to http://spybot.info and get Spybot Search & Destroy. I have and run both of those programs.. they scan for and remove spyware. Great choices for free and no your pc wont get any desease from any of this stuff...
Hope that helps

bekah said...

Mark has run Spybot and Anti-somethingerother on my computer but all that crap just slowed it down more. What helped the most was doing a system restore to a time when you think the popups weren't there and then not downloading new crap. AOL sucks donkey dicks, though, so I'd first of all recommend clearing your computer of anything but AIM from them and using IE or Mozilla for a web browser.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I have no advice whatsoever because I know so little about all the special stuff you can get the computer..but I want to say how lucky for LB to have such a treat because of your guilt! (lol)

Chickie said...

jess & bekah - Thanks for the input but I seem to have fixed the problem. I did a system restore and finally did the updates to AOL that I've been ignoring for a couple of months now. Maybe they send me those messages to upgrade my AOL for a reason.

oldlady of the hills - After dinner LB commented on how many goodies we had and I told him if he'd let me pick him up late every day and then see him cry that he could eat like that every night. He was all for that!

BTExpress said...

Just switch to Firefox for your browser and you'll never have pop ups again. It's free too.

anne arkham said...

I browse with either Firefox or Opera. Firefox only gets a few popups. Opera gets none. Both are free.