When I tie the dogs outside and while untying Stinky dog, realize that she shit on the sidewalk and drug her leash through it - The part of the leash that I'm now holding.

Watching t.v. with Sweety when he is running the remote. We'll start watching something and I'll be interested in it and he'll change the channel during the commercial. What the fuck is up with that? Why is that necessary? Why can't we finish the show? This drives me bonkers.

Sweety getting annoyed when I leave the living room and come to tap on the keyboard when I've had enough of his schizophrenic t.v. viewing habits.

Sweety taking pictures of me while I'm eating. I really don't like that. Like I'm going to post a photo of me stuffing my face with corn on the cob. I hope he doesn't start his own blog.

When I'm driving 80 mph and some fool decides to just move over into my lane while they're going 65. My car is bigger than yours, stupid. Just stay where you are.

People that just don't get how to use the debit card swipey machine. It is really not that hard people. If it's such a problem for you, may I suggest paying with CASH?


KyuBall said...

The dog chain ranks up there with walking past my dogs in the middle of the night and stepping barefoot into someting wet...and it's not water. Ack!

jon said...

Good list! The dog shit thing, poop is one thing I don't do well. One time, I had to trim a tree in a lady's yard. After climbing to the top of the tree, I looked down and noticed that I had not only stepped in dog doo doo, but every branch I had stepped on now had a smear of shit on it. That was one of my most favorable tree trimmings (GAG).

layman said...

Chickie, you are one nutty broad. A cute one.

Midwestern City Boy said...

I can really identify with people who don't know how to use a debit card. I always pay with cash which is still the quickest method and really hate it when they slow the line down.

Pissy Britches said...

My hubby does that same shit with the remote control. It drives me insane..we can barely watch TV together at all.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You always give me a laugh, Chickie..LOVE the picture of 'The (Shitty)Leash' in your hand!!!
Truthfully...if I starte to list all the things that annoy me it would go on and on and on...I thought yours were to-the-point and well said! It's always a joy to visit you!

Chickie said...

kyuball - I about busted my ass doing that same thing one morning. I wasn't awake enough to see the yellow puddle on the tile floor.

jon - Ew, that is WAY worse than just handling a crappy leash.

Mental note to self: Clean the yard if I get a tree cut. Check.

Layman - Thanks!

MCB - I always make sure to have my method of payment out. I never use cash though. My cash is usually crumpled up somewhere in my purse.

Pissy Britches - That is just flat aggravating. Almost makes me want to get another t.v. But then we'd never see each other in the evenings.

OOLOTH - I'm glad you get a kick out of me! I did have other things that could have went on the list but I was getting sleepy.

anne arkham said...

The remote control thing is reasonable grounds for murder, in my book. What's the big deal with watching commercials?

txsm said...

Ok, this is how I took care of the remote thing....we had a universal remote.....Gomer kept doing the same thing....you realize it's a genetic thing, something men are born with....so I went and bought another universal remote, same one, but didn't set it. I put that one by his chair and had the other one, hidden out of his site. Every time he went to change a channel....I put it on one of my favorites....he was getting so pist! It was one of the best laughs I had in a long time!!!!

anaglyph said...

How about people who come up and stand really close behind you when you're using an ATM? Or people who put trash in your bin in between the time it's emptied and the time you go out to bring it in?

(PS - I'm a bloke and I hate the remote-control thing too...)

bekah said...

Great list. I especially agree with the last two.

Chickie said...

Anne Arkham - It wouldn't bug me so much to change the channel during the commercial if he would at least change it back to the show we were watching. I know to not get attached to any show we're viewing because I won't get to see it through.

TXSM - That is too funny. I'm thinking April Fool's Day here.

Anaglyph - When people sneak up on me like that I like to step backwards and bump into them. Like if they get close to you, you're going to finish your business any sooner?

Bekah - It is the last two that really make me want to be a sniper sometimes.