Tipsy Blogging

All the fucking carpet that can be cleaned has been. Thank you and amen. I need myself an Oompa Loompa. One of those little guys would have been very handy the last couple of days to tote dirty carpet water to the bathroom. I would name him Henry.

I think Sweety's dad will be here this weekend. I hope so. It seems like the last couple of times he's been here I was caught off guard and the house was a mess. At least he could see it clean.

I've decided Grey Goose vodka is Numero Uno.

Besides getting the floors clean the last couple of days, I've managed to exorcise all the chocolate Halloween candy from the house. Now I can start my diet in earnest. It was just too hard with all those cute Kit Kat bars screaming to be released from their plastic wrappers.

Tiny Dog has forsaken me. She used to rush to get in bed with me but since Stinky's gotten a new bed, she likes to lounge with her. Unloyal little shit.

I can hear a frozen bottle whispering to me from the freezer. It is time to drown my sorrow.


Midwestern City Boy said...

Tiny dog has too many toys. That why she's forsaken you for Stinky dog. Plus since you had Stinky all bathed and manicured, she probably seems like a whole new dog to Tiny.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What an adorable photo of uour two Bow Wow's!! Love it!
How do you feel about flying to L.A. with Darpet cleaner..I'll have Grey Goose Frozen and ready!!! (lol)

bekah said...

I want to get Tiny dog presents. I need your address.

I'm a little um, tipsy. Okay I'm a little drunk. :-) But I still want to send Tiny dog some presents. (and maybe you'll get one, too).

Didn't I tell you Grey Goose fucking rocked?

txsm said...

I gave up vodka a year ago when I drank an entire bottle w/a 1/2 gallon of OJ....yeah, hubby took advantage of me that night! Never tried Grey Goose before....love the puppy pics!

Chickie said...

MCB - I think with Stinky being all prettied up Tiny dog fell in love with her all over again. Tiny dog does need to have a cleaning of her toybox.

OOLOTH - Do you think they'll let me carry-on the carpet cleaner? I love it too much to have it as checked in baggage.

Bekah - Tiny dog has heard the word "presents" and she just twisted my thumbs. Address to follow. I think I am a believer in Grey Goose now.

TXSM - Damn, I think that would turn you off to it! The last time I pulled a good one I got "taken advantage of" also. My butt hurt for 3 days and my mouth tasted funny afterwards.

MollyNormal said...

I drowned my sorry in a bottle of the Little Chicken white wine last night.

Baaaaaaaad heachache today. Ugh.

BO Snagley said...

Last time i involved a bottle of vodka. i ended up carrying a sorority girl back to her room over my sholder and singing "Thats Amore" from her balcony to odd passsers by".

CycleGuy said...

My bottle of Grey Goose in the freezer is calling out my name too...

Zube Girl said...

I love Grey Goose.

I can't believe Tiny's all hoing around. Dogs. :-)

Chickie said...

Mollynormal - Wine always give me a rotten headache. Even if I only drink a little. Little Chicken? I might have to try that. I like the name.

Bo Snagley - You get more out of vodka than me. It makes me sleep. But I guess I'll be grateful for that. I don't wanna be toting any sorority girls around.

Cycleguy - Don't you just love it's sweet little voice?

Zube Girl - I can't believe I went so long without it. It is now a freezer staple.

Tiny just has no morals.

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