Sunshine & Light!!

Some days I'd like to just go away and live in a cave by my damn self. Today is one of those.

6:45 a.m. Sweety wakes me up with "Aren't you going to get up with me?"

7:00 a.m. Sweety wakes me up again.

7:01 a.m. I crawl out of bed grouching to myself. Look man, if you're gonna wake me up at 2 in the morning for nookie then let me sleep later. Sheesh.

7:10 a.m. LB(8) looks at me and whines "Do I have to take a lunch today?" Gee, I guess not you little mutant. I don't want to hear your whiny little voice any more so just get your backpack and go outside. He told me yesterday that he wanted to take a lunch but after I went and got lunch things he decided that he didn't want to. I think he wanted to take a brown bag and the stuff I packed had to be in an insulated lunch sack. Tell ya what kiddo, if you want to carry a peanut butter sandwich to school then you can just make it yourself from now on. The only freaking reason I went to the grocery store, in the rain, last night at 8 p.m. was to get things for his lunch. I have just excused myself from making lunches for the next 9 years.

And BB(10) was asking like a parrot if we were picking them up after school today or was their mom. It really doesn't matter. Someone will be there at the appropriate time to fetch your body that has just been pumped full of knowledge. Just eat your cereal and put your shoes on.

And Sweety was just in an all around pissy mood. He's had a really crappy cold and been stressed out with other things. He was annoyed because the boys didn't make their beds. They know they are supposed to make their beds as soon as their feet hit the floor. Maybe we could, oh I dunno, punish them? And he was aggravated because there was a bunch of papers and stuff in their backpacks and we couldn't tell if it was stuff that needed to go back to school or what it was for. It all kinda looked like trash to me. I think the boys are big enough to be responsible for their backpacks and the shit that needs to be in there. I think they should be able to remember what homework needs to come home with them and they should remember to put that homework back in their backpack and take it to school. And if they forget some homework then maybe we shouldn't take it to the school for them. One zero on a paper won't flunk them out of elementary school, will it?

And today's early release day so they get out of school at 1 instead of 2. Another one of the "perks" of my new schedule is that I will now be spending Wednesdays with the sprogs whereas before it was the one afternoon that I had to myself. LB has a ton of homework to do today. I simply cannot wait to get started on it!

I'm gonna go poke on my eye for a bit now.

Oh, I have talked myself into keeping the carpet shampooer. I just love it too much. It even has an attachment where I can clean upholstery and the car rugs with it. I must keep it. And Sweety said he'd pay for it so that helps too.

Now I'll go do some eye poking so everything else doesn't bug me as much.


Joe Fuel said...

Wow. I hope things get a little better for you.

Of course, I would agree with you on the kids making their own lunch. Every child in our family had to make his own lunch. It's a pretty simple concept. But remember to put it this way, you're teaching them self=reliance.

shannon said...

That's the cleaner I want! It's a thousand times better than any Hoover ass shit machine. I borrowed a friends, aunt-in-law's machine and while it was in my use the friggin' hose for upholstery broke, snapped off at the base (a common thing I found out while going to the vacuum shop to get it replaced). The guy showed me the one you bought and told me all the reasons it was a much better machine and why Hoover sucks balls. I've got buyers envy!!!

MollyNormal said...

Sorry I haven't commented in a couple days. I'm still trying to recover from puking my guts up repeatedly after reading your story about pulling that thing out of Tiny dog's ass. I was traumatized!!

I don't blame you for not making lunches for ungreatful little boys. Bleh. I made my own lunch every day for YEARS through school. Won't hurt them!!

Chickie said...

Joe Fuel - Thank you. I think things surely will get better. They just seem worse when I'm trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes!

I think the children of this house could use a little self reliance.

Shannon - I'm glad to hear that someone else thinks this is a good machine. It seemed to be the best one that I could find for the money that I wanted to spend. I will probably throw a party when I get my carpets clean!

Mollynormal - Sorry about the tramautization! Hee, hee! You should've been there!

They don't know it yet but the boys are fixing to be lunch making fools.

BO Snagley said...

ok I will put the chickens up first. are carpet cleaners good at cleaning up carpet messes

anne arkham said...

I'm with Joe. It's good for 'em.

Chickie said...

Bo Snagley - I think they work good. I hope the chickens haven't been on the carpets though...

Anne Arkham - It is unanimous! I will never spread another PB & J again.

Midwestern City Boy said...

I always prepay The Girl's lunches so if she doesn't want to take one or waits until the morning and doesn't have enough time then she can eat whatever is at school whether it's nasty or not. Making her brother late for school gets her in trouble so he knows it's better to eat cafeteria food.

Chickie said...

mcb - We do prepay the boys' lunches but sometimes they want a lunch from home. This was the time that broke the camel's back as far as I'm concerned.

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