Almost Over

This year will never end. I don't plan on ringing in 2006 in as violent manner as I did 2005. Even though I don't care for small, grabby children - I do feel bad if I smash their tiny fingers in a door.

I'm not sure what we're going to on New Year's Eve but it will involve alcohol and not children. I'll even wear lipstick for the occasion. I think I have cabin fever.

This is day 2 of the Slim Fast diet. Yay! I haven't actually drank any yet but I've been carrying the can around. It reminds me to eat healthier.

Dieting makes me very bitchy. Much more than normal. I told Sweety I'm probably gonna be a total cunt for the next 7 weeks or so but after that I'll be more diminutive and pleasant.

The EW is still a fucking moron. She called Sweety today to make plans for next year's Christmas. The way they've done it for the last 7 years is that the boys wake up on the 24th at her house and open gifts and then Sweety picks them up that night and they wake up here on the 25th and have Christmas here. She said since their halfbrother is going to start celebrating Christmas on actual Christmas day that she wants to start trading out who has them on the 25th. Why the fuck would she even think about NEXT year's shit when this year's isn't done? I just wish she'd shut up and die.

Boy, this dieting is really amplifying my rage.


anne arkham said...

I'm dieting, too. It sucks hard.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I should be dieting, but I'm not! What are going to do these next days with all the FOOD thingys that are such a temptation? Someone mentioned fudge on their blog and I swear I gained two pounds just READING the word!! (lol) I wish you much good luck with this Chickie.

Chickie said...

Anne Arkham - Tonight I dreamt of eating food. This dieting thing is going to be harder than I'd anticipated.

OOLOTH - Luckily, since I don't cook, I won't be tempted by any food thingys. I'm going to make a candy pie for the boys but I plan on tossing it out after they've had some and are gone.

Anonymous said...

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