Bonus! Four More Weird Habits!

1. When eating sunflower seeds I eat the shell too.

2. I brush my tongue til I gag when I brush my teeth. If I haven't gagged then I'm not done brushing my teeth.

3. I groom my eyebrows obsessively. I want to make sure that they're all pointing in the right direction. No wild hairs that are brushed down or sticking out. Sweety's noticed this habit and now when he's getting ready to go somewhere, he'll make a fist, lick the side of his hand, and groom his whole head like he's a cat. I love watching him do that. Funny as hell.

4. Chewing gum is always swallowed at the end of its usefulness with me.


jon said...

The national average is six weird habits per person. You have now admitted to nine. This puts you above the average in weirdness. Not necessarily a bad thing.

MollyNormal said...

I also gag myself when brushing my teeth, so I don't consider that weird.

In fact, I wouldn't really consider any of these things weird. Oh, except maybe for the murder of innocent eggs in the garbage disposal - but that made me laugh my ass off, so I am perfectly willing to dismiss any weirdness that might be associated with it.

Sheets said...

So, what you're saying is... you are weird. Just like the rest of us.



Chuck said...

Number 1 is gross, my Mom does number 2 too, number 3 is precious and number 4 is dangerous, isn't it?

Wow, you do have some weird habits! lol

BO Snagley said...

so the booke sheild eyebrows would drive you crazy huh,.

Chickie said...

Jon - Go big or go home. That's my motto.

Mollynormal - From the way my family carries on when they hear me brushing my teeth, you'd think I was slaying puppies in the bathroom. I am not alone and now I am vindicated. Thank you.

Chuck - 1 is tidy. Don't have to worry about what to do with the nasty little shells. I learned 2 from my mom. And it's really not dangerous to swallow your gum. I've been doing it for 25 years and have suffered no ill effects yet.

Bo Snagley - Ugh. *shudder* She has started grooming them but when they were in their really woolly phase, they creeped me out.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL..#2 Has me laughing out loud! It's the way you say what you say Chickie...Hilarious!