Five Weird Habits

Texas Soccer Mom has been kind enough to tag me. So I'll share 5 weird habits. Please forgive me if I've mentioned any of these before

1. I wash out empty food containers and dry them in the sink before they are thrown away or put in the recycle bin. I think I got this habit from my Grandma. Clean trash just looks nicer to me.

2. When dining in a restaurant I can't eat until everything is arranged just right on the table. Nothing pleases me more than having a seat by the window so I can put all of our trash bits (straw wrappers, sugar packets, etc.) on the windowsill and off the table. And I like for everyone to clean their plate so I can stack the dirty dishes up neatly.

3. If the neighbors are outside I'll refrain from going out til they go inside. Even if this means not checking the mail or making the dogs hold their bladders shut. And if I happen to be out when the neighbors come out I have to stifle the urge to sprint indoors. I just don't like talking to people.

4. When eating Snickers Ice Cream bars I have a set method for it:
Carefully pick off the frozen chocolate shell.
Lick out the frozen peanuts.
Eat the ice cream bar that's left in 5 bites.

5. When I'm drinking something I always take 5 big swallows with the first drink.

Hmm. I now see I have a pattern with fives.

I'm not tagging anybody but feel free to share your own quirks.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love your "weird" list...and I think your first one is really a GOOD thing..especially if these plastic things are going to be recycled...clean IS better, Grandma! (lol)
I had a very dear wonderful friend who is dead now and he had to turn around three times behind a parked car that he had just helped you into..(Southern Gentleman, he was)...He also had a few more of these numbered things: If he opened a window he would have to close it right away and then open it again right away, before it could stay open! (I always loved that one...) And one more: In the days when we all smoked, he would have to tap the ashtray three times with his cigarette...! (Loved that, too!)
So I really don't think your 'weird' things are weird at all, my dear Chickie! (lol)

Pissy Britches said...

I just watched a show on OCD.
I think you have it.
Just kidding.
That is too fucking funny girly!

MollyNormal said...

These little tidbits are what make you unique! I have a weird thing where I can't take a shower until I've neatly arranged the clothes I'm going to put on after the shower on my bed in a certain way. If I don't, I spend the entire time in the shower trying to figure out what I will wear when I get out. If I put the clothes out, the shower is much more relaxing. LOL

txsm said...

How cool....I also do your #2...ok, that just sounded as if I take your shits....hee! Yeah, I do the same thing when we go out to eat!! Thanks for playing...you really didn't have to.

anne arkham said...

I am so with you on the neighbors thing.

Chickie said...

OOLOTH - Oh how funny! I understand your friend's need to open a window and then close it and then open it again. I do that too. To make sure that the window is settled properly.

Pissy Britches - I think I have a touch of it. As long as I'm not washing my hands til they bleed, I'm not gonna worry about it.

Mollynormal - You just sound very organized! I prefer to have my stuff ready before my shower. That way I don't get all sweaty searching around the house for my clothes and shoes.

TXSM - It was fun to play!

Anne Arkham - I cannot wait to get a fence put up. I'm going to make a game of it to see how long I can go without seeing the neighbors.

Mike said...

I realized reading this list that I could easily do one of those 100 things about lists only mine would all be weird habits.

Weirdest one of all (and this drives everyone crazy in my house): I cannot tolerate any strangers (neighbors, delivery people, anyone) in my house. On more than one occasion, I have waited in the bedroom until whoever it was that "dropped by" left.

Zube Girl said...

My Mom does the washing trash thing. Not me. I didn't get that particular odd habit. Though I've got plenty others to make up for it!

bekah said...

Wow. You really are a freak. What gave it away was the "clean trash" comment.

I mean, I love you anyway, but you're a freak.

KyuBall said...

I'm not so sure the ice cream thing is weird...at least I hope it's not, since I do that too with any chocolate covered ice cream. I always eat the shell first, then the ice cream.

Chickie said...

Mike - I can handle the kids next door being in the house but I hide too if someone comes in wanting to talk to Sweety or to deliver something. Wonder why that is?

Zube Girl - Glad to know that I'm not the only trash washer around!

Bekah - My freakish self is thankful for your love. It means a lot to me. Seeing as how you're a person who bowls with your dog.

Kyuball - I've always felt this was the best way to eat chocolate coated stuff. It keeps all the little shell bits from getting on you.

Midwestenr City Boy said...

I think your list is wackier than my list. Its good to know that I'm not the only odd one in the world. Washing trash ...

Dirk the Feeble said...

My girlfriend is just like you with the neighbors. She says they intimidate her.

Bekah said...

Hey! Don't insult the dog bowling!

Chickie said...

MCB - I don't think you have time for any weird habits. Ya'll are too busy having sex!

Armaedes - Neighbors are just bothersome.

Bekah - I'm not knocking the dog bowling. I was just saying...

Lisa said...

I SOOO share your #3. Its nice to not be weird all by myself.

Sasha said...

i love the list!

Chickie said...

Lisa - I've been really pleased to discover other people do 3 too! I thought it was just me that was so antisocial!

Sasha - Thank you :)