There is nowhere that Tiny dog will not go if she's searching for peanut butter.

january 010

january 011

I had to set the camera down and rescue her before she walked off the bed after the last picture. Stinky dog's having fun licking the peanut butter out of Tiny's ears.

Bad Girl commented in the previous HNT post about the corner of the rug in the photo. That's actually a blanket. Tiny's standing on it above and here is the other side:

january 008

This is the best blanket in the universe. My Mom gave it to me for Christmas 7 or 8 years ago. I think it's called a Korean mink blanket. I love when it's cool enough here that I can open the windows up and use it at night. It's soft soft soft and very heavy so you're nice and tucked in when you get under it. Sweety said he married me to gain access to the blanket.

Thanks to all for your HNT comments! I'll spend the next few days catching up on HNT shots and blogs.

I'm really liking the new template too. It started out like this but after spending 3 good hours effing with it on Wednesday, we have this result before you. I actually have the alien one up at another blog I keep but I didn't want to look at it here everyday. (the other blog's just like this one except I yank out most of the cursing and sexual references. one of my good friends likes to keep up with me but she's not fond of those things) Now when I post pictures, my sidebar doesn't move down to the bottom of the post screen. That really bugged me. And that profile pic? You can read about that here. I know it's a sad story and I feel bad about borrowing the photo and exploiting the kitty even further but I couldn't help myself. The photo called to me.


Mike said...

That crazy tiny dog sure likes to live dangerously, doesn't she?

bekah said...

You can always adjust your content section to be wider so your photos fit without sending the sidebar down the page - not matter what template you have. I do like this one. And that poor one eyed kitty! It makes me so sad.

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous blanket. I want one.


Dirk the Feeble said...

Ha-ha, chihuahua in the shark's head, that's great.

New Girl said...

That blanket is even prettier than I thought it was!

Sweety was right to marry you for access to it. I would have done the same thing.

New Girl said...

Oh-by the way-

I have cats and read an article the other day that cats lick and bite walls because they are lacking iron in their diet. . .not that cats and dogs are the same-but it might be a thought?

anne arkham said...

Awesome blanket. Crazy dog.

MollyNormal said...

Hey babe! The new layout is FAB!!!! I love it and want to marry it.

Now, if you and Sweety ever split up, can I please marry you to gain access to that gorgeous blanket? LOL

KyuBall said...

Landsharks, Tinys, and Peacocks...oh my!

Zube Girl said...

I LOVE the new look.

And that blanket looks DAMN warm!

Midwestern City Boy said...

Does Tiny know how lucky she is to have you as an owner? I'd have found her a new home (or worse) for as many walls as she has eaten.

The one-eyed kitten is kind of creepy looking. Strangely, it seems to suit your blog.

Chickie said...

Mike - She knows no other way. Fearless.

Bekah - I am not the template guru that you are. I thought you would find the kitty disturbing. I want one though.

Kat - It is fabulous. I wanna make a robe out of one.

Bad Girl - Sweety is pretty smart! The iron thing is interesting to know. I'll look into that.

Armaedes - If Tiny catches you laughing at her, she'll take your ankle out!

Anne Arkham - I don't know which one of them I like more.

Mollynormal - I'll give you a holler if Sweety runs me off. I'm a cover hog though.

Kyuball - If I ever write a musical that will be the title.

Zube Girl - Thank you!

MCB - Tiny is well aware of her good fortune.

When I saw the picture, I decided I needed a new template too.

Deb said...

Very funny doggie pics. He's such a pretty color

Amy said...

OK, those are the funniest dog pics I have ever seen!!!

The new look is REALLY nice! Very clean and neat! But the new profile pic is really sad, poor thing.