Things I'm Pissed About

My dad has picked up a girlfriend on the internet.
This wouldn't be so offensive to me if he weren't already married. And it wouldn't be so offensive to me if he were trying to be secretive about it. He hasn't mentioned girlfriend to me but he introduced my sister to her via webcam. My sister (who was totally shocked when dad said "hey, come here and say hi to my girlfriend!) said she looks younger than her (she's 26) and he showed sis some photos that he said he took of girlfriend. They were taken on the beach. We think maybe when they visited me last year he met her at the beach. I feel sorry for my stepmom. He got a package in the mail from her (stepmom noticed the stamps from out of the country and the girl's name on the box) but he wasn't home when it was delivered so my stepmom got to spend a few days glaring at it. If I was her, I'd have opened it and then threw it away. My dad talked my stepmom into quitting her job a few months ago and now she can't get another one. They live in a really small town, her english is limited and her old job was keeping house for a lady. It bugs me that he pestered her for months to quit her job and now this has been sprung on her. My mom's Korean, his current wife is Thai, the new girlfriend is from the Philippines. I think he can't decide what kind of Asian he likes best. I'd love to say something to my dad about this but I've kept my yap shut since it isn't any of my business. I'm still fucking pissed, though.

Tiny dog has started munching on the bathroom wall again.
The area has been maced. Hopefully, she will outgrow this soon. I'd like to have all of her teeth yanked out and get her declawed but I know it would be hard to find a veterinarian who had low enough standards to do such a surgery. So I'll just continue to put the doggy mace on the walls while making sure that Tiny sees me doing it.

My period.
Where the HELL is it? It is late by a week. I'm never late. I don't think there are any hitchhikers in my uterus. I took a pregnancy test on my break at work yesterday because I'm so freaked out about it. Maybe it will come today since I just paid for a pregnancy test. Dear birth control: Please don't fail me now. Sincerely: Me Maybe my period is on vacation somewhere nice with the skin cancer that I know will be visiting me in a few years.

And what's up with this crap where for the last few Fridays I've thought it was Saturday when I woke up? It really sucks after about 5 minutes and I realize I'm going to have to go to work. And tomorrow when it's really Saturday, I'll be subdued in my celebration of it until I confirm by checking with my cell phone that it really is Saturday.

I've bitched enough. I'm going back to bed for an hour and 45 minutes of sleep with Tiny before I have to get up and get ready for work.


Anonymous said...

Wow about your dad. I don't know if I'd be able to keep quiet. Chaters piss me off like nothing else.

Hope your period comes soon...lol


Chickie said...

Kat - Since I've been a one-time cheater as well as a cheatee, I feel like it would be kinda like living in a glass house and throwing grenades in it if I gave my dad my 2 cents. Luckily, we don't talk very often.

And my period did come to see me! I guess I just had to talk about it and make it feel welcome this month.

Mike said...

Yeah, talking to your Dad about it might be harder than you think. It's a tough call to make, but I think I'd leave it alone. Might cause more problems and not really accomplish anything worthwhile.

Bekah said...

That sucks about your dad. Very shitty of him. It sucks even more for your step-mom.

Glad you period showed up. It's scary waiting around for it.

I'd suggest you get a muzzle for Tiny and wrap her paws in duct tape.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Wow! Your Dad sucks! Do you suppose he knows that he has "broken trust"....?

Glad your period finally decided to get here!

ShyRocket said...

You are so entitled to bitch and complain... no problem at all. Great HNT pic, love it! All the best to you.

AndyT13 said...

Glad your period came. Sorry about your dad. We can't control our parents any more than they could control us after a certain age. Still, I feel for you. Thanks for the comment about my songs. I put up two more if you want to hear. Also, there's news but I'll let you read about it there. Cheers!

anne arkham said...

My dad looked up his high school sweetheart online, decided he couldn't live without her, told my mom he wanted a divorce after nearly 40 years of marriage, moved across the country and into this woman's house the day after her husband moved out. He also grew his hair into a tail, 20 years after it was cool. Then, the week the divorce was to become final, he called the whole thing off and moved back with my mom.

My sister and I refer to the entire incident as "Dad's Bogus Journey".

Anyway, my sympathies. It's not fair for him to put you guys in the middle.

Imelda said...

Hi Chickie,

I just found your blog via the HNT page.

I love your work, especially your "100 Things About Me" list, which had me nodding my head in a agreement all over the place.


BTExpress said...

IMO, your dad is a rat for springing this on your sister. Now WTF is she supposed to do? If he wants to be with his GF, the only right thing to do is tell your mom so work it out from there, but that's just 2 cents as they say.

Chickie said...

Mike - I'm just going to leave it alone. If I had to deal with him more I might say something but I can hold my tongue during our bi-monthly, 5 minute phone calls.

Bekah - Let's not even talk about Tiny dog...destructive little fuck.

OOLOTH - My dad's trust went in the crapper quite awhile ago. I just thought maybe he'd changed with age. I guess not.

Shyrocket - Thank you! Sometimes I forget that this is my own space!

Andy13 - I'm coming right over to check out the news!

Anne Arkham - Thanks for sharing. Glad to know this isn't uncommon behavior. I'm going to put a leash on Sweety today.

Imelda - Thanks and come again. I'll be here!

BTExpress - It's my stepmom but it's putting my sister in a very awkward position because she lives close to them. Your 2 cents are always enjoyed!

anne arkham said...

No leash. Go for a shock collar.

Chickie said...

Anne Arkham - But then I'd have to make sure we always had batteries.