Pirates Of Suburbia II

Maybe you thought that the only place to find them was in the safe confines of the living room?

Well, JediMacFan's eagle eye spied them in the middle of some new mischief.

Mr. JediMacFan, thank you for the hardest laugh that Sweety & I have had in awhile. We will tip our beers to you tonight.


Titus said...

Thi was the Kent State shooting in 1970 when National Guardsmen fired on students protesting the invasion of Cambodia during the Viewnam war. Four students died and some others were injured. A somber footnote to the history of Nixon's presidency.

yep, it's me.... said...

well I thought the pic was great - what creativity -
I tip my HEAVILY iced water as well :)

Mike said...

I could see the beginnings of a whole new series of pictures. Funny as hell.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Serial pirates or cereal pirates?

Joey Polanski said...

That got MAJR guffaws outta me!

JediMacFan is a EVIL GENIUS!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That was a horrible horrible thing that happened at Kent State. I wish I found the photo humerus, dear Chickie, but....I'm afraid sometimes there are things that just hiyt one the wrong way. This thing that happened at Kebt State was such a terrible terrible thing...one that anyone who lived through it cannor forget and that particular picture is still incredibly painful.

Maybe the Pirates could be doing something else?

jedimacfan said...

Glad you liked the edited version, Chickie. :)