I'm Rotten To The Core

Have you ever volunteered for something and then immediately thought, "Why the hell did I just do that?"

The ExWife lives on the other end of town and it takes at least 25 minutes roundtrip for her to take the boys to school. BigBrother goes to school an hour after LittleBrother. Sooooo, I said, "Hey! To be helpful, ask EW if she just wants to drop BB off here after she takes LB to school and I'll drop BB off since we're so close to the school!" Within 30 seconds Sweety had presented the plan to EW and it was a done deal. And now I'm losing an hour of sleep 3 mornings a week. And it just occurred to me that I'll have to keep this up for as long as she lives so far away. Someday I will learn to keep my yap shut. I'll be glad when BB is old enough to drive and can take himself to school.

Let me leave you with a little something that's been on a loop in my head for the past several days:

(this needs to be chanted like a cheer and accompanied with big hand movements)

Ratshit batshit dirty old twat.
Sixty-nine assholes tied in a knot.
Lizard shit!

No question about it - my mind is a total sewer.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...I LOVE this Cheer/Rant! May I quote you, my dear Chickie?

Chickie said...

This was a bit of George Carlin's. I didn't know that til after I posted it. I heard my exhusband say it many moons ago and whenever it gets stuck in my head it's been him singing it. I'm glad that I can put someone else's face to it now!

Joey Polanski said...

Youre pretty FUN, aftr losin one whole hour o sleep!

Chickie said...

Joey Polanski - You should see me after I drink a beer.

jedimacfan said...

That is weird as hell. My Marine brother loves chanting that exact same thing, right down to the "Fuck". Small world!

jedimacfan said...

Oh, and let this be an experience that I have learned myself: Never Again Volunteer Yourself.

Chickie said...

JediMacFan - It's nice to be in good company.

patti_cake said...

Aw your warm n fuzzy side is showing Chickie!