More Than You Need To Know

I was digging through my purse earlier and thought I'd share it's contents with the masses.

Who needs all of this crap?

First Row

Earplugs - Just in case I need to take an emergency nap.

Crazy pills - To keep me from setting anybody on fire.

Thumbtack - You never know when you'll meet a boil that needs lancing.

Broken key ring thingy - It has a heart and "Mom" written on the front. LittleBrother gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago and I keep it even though it's broken.

Drink coaster from Chili's - Where it's always happy hour!

Birthstone ring - A gift from a friend. It's broken and I carry it around in case I find somewhere that I want to leave it to be fixed.

Soup spoon - Stolen from my favorite Mexican restaurant in East Texas. I used to use it when I was cooking drugs but I've kicked the habit since finding a better use for my syringes. Now I use it for soup.

Second Row

Eyebrow pencil & lipstick & nail polish - Because you never know who you're gonna run into.

Empty bottle of something & empty birth control packet.

Face powder & magnifying mirror - Because I own the world's greasiest face.

Glitter glue sticks & glitter pen - Have I mentioned that I love glitter?

Nacho Libre pen - I love Nacho.

Cough drops & pennies - I always have pennies. Good for hurling at bums.

Two sulfide (?) pills - My Mom gave them to me in June. She said they'd get rid of my sinus infection. I should probably eat them now.

Row Three

Hairbrush - Stolen from Sweety. It's more fun to use since it's stolen.

Identification & credit/debit cards.

Trash & coupons - I'm bad about carrying receipts around forever.
If I see a website or something that I think I might like to cook for the family in a magazine, I'll rip it out and carry it with me forever. I may never utilize any of the recipes but it makes me feel like I'm doing something for my family by carrying the recipes around.


Titus said...

Thanks for giving me my fix. I love rooting through a woman's purse (a girlfriend's) when I am allowed to. There is this thrill of finding something one is not supposed to. A single friend carried a pair of fresh panties in a Ziploc bag because you never knew when you might have an unexpected hot date.

r.fuel said...

Thanks for the link. I love the dogs' costumes. Fantastic.

Osbasso said...

Thank you for sharing!

Chickie said...

Titus - I like to dig through purses but most people look at you weird if you ask to do so.

R. Fuel - I came up with this post just so I'd have a clever way to link to yours.

Osbasso - Thanks for reading!

The Phosgene Kid said...

No kitchen sink??

Chickie said...

The Phosgene Kid - Nah, I'm not much of a neat freak.

danette said...

Gosh - you seem so normal...
My purse contains all weird stuff like screwdriver and load of USB cable, extentions, and bluetooth deviced. Also has a load of lipsticks and glosses. Handcream & painkillers. A notepad & pen. My wallet with cash slips & bills from 1996!? (JK, looks like it though)...
Other than that I also keep 2 sets of keys... err... and I think I'll stop right there as it might get embarrassing :P

danette said...

gosh ... my grammer sucks in that post... sorry --- suppose its my lack of sleep that's causing it...

Chickie said...

Danette - Heh, I was carrying around a screwdriver and a scalpel for awhile but took them out. Don't really know why I tossed them in there in the first place!

danette said...

A scalpel???? LOL...