What A Fine Start

The phone rings early this morning. It's for Sweety. He has to go in early.

The phone rings after he's left. It's Sweety asking me to get the boys from their mother's house because her car is dead and the car that she was going to borrow today died last night. Why, oh why, didn't she call last freaking night about this? Instead of at the last damn minute?

As I'm dropping LittleBrother off at school I learn that he didn't eat breakfast at his mother's and it's too close to class starting for him to go to the cafeteria for breakfast. WTF? Shouldn't you insist that your 9 year old eat breakfast? Start his day off right and all that shit?

Okay. I'm going to stop with all that. My eye is twitchy.

Patti_Cake mentioned in the chickpea post that it was fun to write chickpea. It certainly is! Chickpea! Chickpea! Chickpea!

Here are some of my favorite words:

pronounced "coo-pon" NOT "q-pon"

peek! always said as an exclamation

The wombat took a peek at me in my tee pee! Isn't that fun to say?

For the record, this is the second damn time typing this up. I accidentally powered of my computer after the first run.

Off to work. Woo hoo!

Happy Friday the 13th!


patti_cake said...

The ex is the queen of passive-aggressive behavior. She makes my eye twitch too.
Another word I love to say.. is
Amok. (amuck hehe....)
like in the movie Hocus Pocus.
I think you and I would amuse each other for hours. I really do.

r.fuel said...


bekah said...

YES! YES! It's COO-pon, NOT Q-pon. It drives me CRAZY when Mark says q-pon. UGH! IT'S COOOOOOOPON!

My mom told me a story about her boss' kids - one day they were playing "king of the sofa" (like king of the hill) and the older one jumps up and down on the sofa yelling, "I'm SOFA KING! I'm SOFA KING!" and the dad nearly killed him thinking he was yelling something about "SO FUCKING."

I love to say the word rump. Especially when I'm tired, because it's even funnier then.

Rump roast.


Debra said...

So did you see what falafel is? It's the bestest!

I'm quite the fan of words like "tome" and "animosity" and "ennui" myself. :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The EW strikes again! She is truly a piece of work...Not making sure her child has had Something to eat? What is that about??

I LOVE your list of words, Chickie..They Are Great!

jedimacfan said...

It's definitely q-pon, sorry. :)

Mike said...

Sorry, it's q-pon. I tried to say coopon, but it just won't happen.

I like the word door. I love to say it and I love the way it sounds. Door. I just love it.

bekah said...

All you q-pon people suck. It's coo-pon. The end.

scorpy said...

I think the coopon/q-pon thing is location-driven. For instance, I lived just a hair above the Mason-Dixon line for a long time, and q-pon doesn't bother me.
However, I also like Ron White, and now I say the word more like "COOP'n." Before that, though, I think I was a fence-sitter on the subject. I said it both ways.
Anyone seen his act? Anyone? Buehler?

Tragic said...

I went away. Then I came back. I got messed up. I don't have any "coo pons" but I have a voice and its damned loud :) thx for caring hun xox

Joey Polanski said...

My favrit werd is SOOP.

But ONLY if ya say it s-lowwww....

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - Amok reminds me of Ewok. I like Ewoks.

R.Fuel - Isn't it great?!

Bekah - I used to call it q-pon til I met Sweety. He called them coo-pons and at first I didn't know what he was talking about.

Debra - I looked up falafel and that looks tasty!

OOLOTH - The EW makes my head spin.

JediMacFan - Just wrap your lips around the "coo" sound. It just feels better.

Mike - Well, at least you gave coopon a go.

Bekah - Yeah, what you said!

Scorpy - Ron White cracks me up!

Tragic - Ah, there you are! I was wondering about you :)

Joey Polanski - Tomato or chicken noodle?