At Odds

As I've mentioned, my biological clock is starting to tick.

Our "master plan" for the past 6 years has been that when the boys grow up that we will move to Oklahoma. We've even already bought a lot there to put our new house one. Our house with an atrium where I can sit with my herd of chihuahuas while I drink tea.

But my wanting to procreate has thrown a monkey wrench in that plan.

If we have a baby then Sweety said that we have to stay in Florida.

I hate it here. It's too hot. There are too many people. I'm too far away from my family.

I keep thinking that Sweety is just kidding when he tells me that we can't leave if we breed but he's not showing any signs of joking. He says that we'd have to stay so he could keep working to support us all. There's no way that he could make the kind of money that he is now in the place in Oklahoma that we'd be moving to. As he put it "I'll be in my prime earning years! I can't leave if I have more mouths to feed!" And I do see his point. But I think that we could live in Oklahoma.

I think part of the fun of having kids would be having them around my Mom and sister. Agh. I don't know.

OldOldLady of the Hills doesn't have any kids and she has a great life! I'd be okay if I could be like her when I grew up. Heh, speaking of her reminds me of something funny...

When she first started commenting here, I was kind of afraid that I might say something offensive and freak her out. So one night, after I read a post of hers where she used the f-word, I sent her an email telling her "Thanks for cussing! It makes me feel better cussing on my blog since I've seen that you do!"

Good grief, now you all know what a big dork I am.

I better go monitor the progress of my meat kit. I'll post an update after dinner. Hopefully, we can all choke it down.

Update: Don't buy meat in a box. The meat part was okay but the vegetable pack that came with it was disgusting. The veggies tasted like salty dirt. Stinky & Tiny feasted on the stuff that we couldn't eat.


Amy said...

Ugh. I can't imagine having children and not having my family around them. So I completely see your point.

Men are strange that way. Responsible men, at least. Mike flipped when he found out I was pregnant with Maggie. He was panicking thinking that he didn't make enough money to support three kids, especially when we weren't planning on the last one.

By the time Maggie was 5 months old he was working on a complete career change in order to up his income.

Pfft. Responsible men. ;)

~*Kelli*~ said...

I say get pregnant anyway. You know you can get sweetie to do whatever you want. ;-)

Chickie said...

Amy - Well, I guess I should be glad that Sweety is so responsible and not a crackhead. Yay for responsible men!

I've got to find some way to change his mind about this.

Kelli - You know that has crossed my mind. But I'm pretty sure that the guilt would crush me. And he's been pretty adamant about not moving if we have kids.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Maybe you can convince him to move someplace closer to Oklahoma where he can still make good money but still be within a day's drive of home. You could see your family more often if you didn't have to fly. Remember, money never seems that important until you don't have enough.

Mike said...

I say get knocked up if you feel the need to and let the chips fall where they may. I know a lot of people that decided for one reason or another not to have kids and regretted it later. If you feel the need to breed then breed. I am sure you can still sweet talk Sweety into moving.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Oklahoma? I'd go for the kids. I've been through Oklahoma, it is one of those places that is great to be from.

Sara Sue said...

"herd of chihuahuas" <---LMFAO at this! Hey...maybe you could just sneak a kid into the herd...by the time he noticed, it would be too late! (have the kid!)

Chickie said...

Midwestern City Boy - I have a feeling that maybe we'll end up moving, just not as close to my Mom as I'd like. You're right about the money not seeming important til you don't have enough.

Mike - I'm usually able to talk Sweety into anything but he's never told me "no" so consistently on something before. Maybe 10 years of nagging would wear him down.

The Phosgene Kid - Oklahoma's not that bad as long as you don't like to do anything or see anybody.

Sara Sue - I guess a kid could be a good Chihuahua wrangler!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Thanks for the mention Chickie...(I can't believe it had been so many days since I had been to visit you...! I missed that cute picture with you and Tiny..and no underpants---I'm sitting here right now in NO underpants...)
Whatever you do about kids--you will be fine. The boys certainly are like having kids even though you didn't birth them yourself...But what you say is true...My life has been just fine without kids, I'm happy to say....! And furthermore---I say there is no rule that says you have to have fucking kids!!! Right? (LOL...Just thought I'd throw that in to bring a smile to your face, my dear....)