Shut Your Piehole!

I never tell the boys to "Shut up!" but today, oh today, it was all over my tongue. I don't know if they were extra picky with each other or if I was extra sensitive but I just about lost my damn mind.

I think I'm fixing to indulge in a cube of vino (heh, doesn't that sound soooo much classier than "drink a box of wine"?).


How do I know that Sweety loves me? He had that all ready to go for me by the time I got finished telling the little hellions a bedtime story. And the best part? He had a straw for me! I've mentioned that I can't drink without making a mess unless I have one and I thought that we didn't have any but he scrounged one up for me! Yay, Sweety!

And what would a Saturday night post be without a gratuitious dog photo?

i love my sweet dogs


Joey Polanski said...


Tinys sayin, "Im restin my head on her. So what?"

Stinkys sayin, "Shes restin her head on me. So what?"

Chickie said...

Who cares as long as they're in love? - that's what I say.

Mike said...

First you buy a meat kit and now wine in a box. I can't wait to see what is next.

Those dogs look too comfortable. Throw a firecracker at them or something.

Thomas said...

Glad to hear the phrase "Pie hole."

I tell my freaking students to "shut your pie holes" all the time.

They laugh.
I fume.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is the sweetest damn picture, Chickie...Those two dear dear doggies always make me smile or laugh! I LOVE the way they love each other!!

Sara Sue said...

I LOVE that picture of the pups! Hey...let us know how well the Dyson sucks...I may have to get one!

Chickie said...

Mike - Heh, little did we know that the next thing would be a vacuum cleaner!

Sometimes, I like to shriek and watch the dogs jump.

Thomas - You should tell them to "shut your fucking pie holes". I bet they wouldn't laugh.

Lady of the Hills - The dogs make me feel all cozy on the inside!

Sara Sue - They are my most frequent photo subjects. They've learned to pose!

The Dyson will be getting a post all its own once it gets here.