One Dog's Life

We've had Stinky dog (aka Tasha) for about 5 years now. She had a hard life before arriving here. The lady that I got her from was an ER nurse and got her from a homeless man (who lived in the alley beside the hospital) who got her from a Basset Hound rescue place.

We think that some tall man must've been really mean to her in her previous life because it's taken all of 5 years for her to get relatively comforatable with Sweety.

When we first got her, she'd run out of the room if Sweety so much as peeked inside. She still startles when he comes around sometimes but they're pretty good buddies now.

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday!


Osbasso said...

Awww.... They look comfy together!

Blissfully Wed said...

Awww!! So sweet! I have a very skittish pooch myself, but I adore her just the same.



Regal said...

I LOVE STINKY! (and Tiny too)

did you ever watch Dharma and Greg? There dog's name was Stinky too :)

Happy HNT!

LushlyMe said...

Ahhh what a cute pooch!

Midwestern City Boy said...

I didn't think that Stinky ran anywhere. Whenever we see her in pictures, she's always lying down or sitting still.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Awwwww poor sweet sweet Stinky! She is such a dear doggie...You know something happened to my kitty "Sweetie" before I ever got him and it's taken almost seven years for him to not run into the closet and hide when the doorbell rings and it's a man that he doesn't know....It is awful what some people do to animals...I LOVE that you Stinky from the Bassett Rescue...! It is wonderful that your Sweety can now touch her and she is not afraid anymore...!
These things do take time.

patti_cake said...

Well they look like true buds now :) I heart Bassets. I always wondered what Stinky's real name was!

Cain said...

Ya gotta love a dog like that!

Cheers, to Stinky...and,
all the best to you too!



AndyT13 said...

Hahaha! Good doggie! HHNT!

tkkerouac said...

Happy HNT doggie!

The Phosgene Kid said...

It makes me happy to hear Tasha has such a nice home. Both of our dogs are rescue pups and they have really become part of the family - or actually we have become part of theirs - temporarily forgot who runs Tiny House

Mike said...

Have you ever bit her ears? They look yummy.

Joey Polanski said...

Did anyone evr adopt th homeless guy livin in th alley nex to th hospital?

Chickie said...

Lushlyme, Cain, AndyT13, TKKEROUAC - Thank you & happy HNT!

Osbasso - This is one of their favorite positions!

Her - I think since she's skittish that I try to love her just a bit more.

Regal - Oh, yeah! I've seen that show. I forgot that was their dog's name.

Midwestern City Boy - I'm working on some photos that prove that Stinky does run. Don't want the world to think that she's always a lump!

Lady of the Hills - Isn't it sad that things happen to make animals this way? I'm glad that Stinky & Sweetie are getting over their fears!

The Phosgene Kid - Isn't it sneaky how the dogs come in and just take over? :)

MIke - Actually, yes. Not with my teeth but with my lips over my teeth. They are nice to rub on your nose when watching t.v. too.

Joey Polanski - The homeless guy told the nurse that he was going "back home" to get a job and that he'd come back for Stinky. But he never came back.