Sickness & Veggies & An Update!

Sweety went back to the doctor today about his neck and they've decided that he will just grin and bear it a bit longer. Last week, when asked what the pain was on a scale of 1 to 10 Sweety said it was an 85 and this week it's down to a 34. It still hurts like hell and he can't use his left arm very well but at least he can tell it's getting better.

Oh, that reminds me. You know the drunk test where you touch the tip of your nose with your pointy finger? Sweety can't do that with his left hand. His arm gets all limp and he socks himself in the eye. Funny stuff. When he's all high on pain pills I like to make him do that. I'll have to video it tonight for your viewing pleasure.

I love these litte guys!

I have been on a brussel sprout binge for the past few days. They were on sale today at the grocery store and that was my sign to buy as many as allowed to rathole for future consumption. I ate these for the first time last year. I don't know how I lived almost 30 years without their yummy goodness. I love tiny cabbages.

8:27 p.m.
Well dammit. Sweety has better control of his arm today than he did yesterday and is no longer whacking himself in the eye. I am disappointed.


Osbasso said...

Oh, you can have my lifelong allotment of brussels sprouts. And spinach, if you'd like.

Looking forward to the video!

Amy said...

OMG! Chickie that is so damn funny! I'm looking forward to the video!!!

BTW, if you like Brussel Sprouts like that, you will LOVE my recipe.

Heat the oven to 400

Get fresh brussel sprouts, toss them in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Throw them in the oven for 20 minutes.

Pull them out and top with freshly grated parmesan cheese. OMG!! They are better than french fries could EVER be!!!

Fidget said...

oye! I just read about Sweetie's neck and now I have to tell The hubster. He is always after me to pop his back... though I do see the silver lining.. I'm also a picker

I preen you because I love you (oh and pus, I like to watch pus be expelled from pores)

~*Kelli*~ said...

Amy's recipe sounds DIVINE! I'm gonna SO make that!

I love brussel sprouts. I don't know why people think they are icky. Yummy goodness.

Rich | Championable said...

Hey, cool. Come for the Skittering Thoughts, leave with a recipe.

Joey Polanski said...

I love t eat Brusselsprowts too.

But lets not ferget their othr intresting uses.

Mike said...

When I had a pinched nerve in my neck I lost the use of my RIGHT arm. Do you know what men regularly do with their right hand...especially if they are right handed?? That's when the pain of my pinched nerve became unbearable.

Chickie said...

Osbasso - Eh, you can keep your spinach. I haven't discovered a love for that.

Amy - Thanks for the recipe! I am so doing that the next time I get fresh ones!

Fidget - I preen you because I love you. You hit the nail on the head with that sentence! That's what I'm gonna tell Sweety next time he bitches about my preening ways.

Kelli - I always thought that they would taste gross and was so surprised when they didn't!

Rich Championable - Yeah, you never know what you might find over here!

Joey Polanski - Thank you for reminding me of their other use. I need to hide some.

Mike - If it was Sweety's right hand, he'd have probably opted for immediate surgery.

Regal said...

I just tried Brussel Sprouts recently for the first time ever. That looks good - I'll have to give it a try.

I crack up how you are so torn by Sweety's pain yet revel in the visual comedy of him smacking himself while numbed by his pain meds. And the disappointment of that subsiding today. Too darn funny! :)

Chickie said...

Regal - I couldn't help but laugh until I choked while watching Sweety hit himself. What made it even better was the look of concentration on his doped up face.

Maybe he will have a setback and I can video it to watch repeatedly.

bekah said...

Sorry about Sweety's neck pain, that really sucks ass...

but seriously? Brussel sprouts? They make me want to die. I used to writhe on the floor when my mom cooked them and I vowed to never eat them again my entire life no matter what.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Brussel spouts don't count as food. I might as well go outside and eat some grass. If I never see another one it will be too soon.

Glad to here that Sweety's back is getting better even if the progress is slow.

NeverEZme said...

I love Brussel Sprouts. I never had them until about two years ago and I can't get enough of them now. My father didn't like them so we never got them.

patti_cake said...

Dammit not HALF as disappointed as I am. Tell Sweety to quit getting better with the entertaining stuff ok? ;)

Ooh Ooh a fellow Brussels Sprout lover! We are a small club. The hubs think they smell like farts.. maybe that's why I like them!

Chickie said...

Bekah - Maybe brussel sprouts would be better if you tried them now. I think that tastebuds dull as we age.

Midwestern City Boy - I've eaten grass and must say that it is not nearly as tasty as brussel sprouts. Maybe the grass in Ohio tastes better than it does here.

NeverEZme - I've been totally binging on them. So good!

Patti_Cake - Well, now I know that the next time Sweety is hurt and is doing something hilarious because of it to video it immediately. Sweety hates the way they smell too.