I Know That You're Dying To Know What I Did Today

Sweety had his surgery today. So now his 4, 5, and 6 discs are fused together. We saw him afterwards and he said that most of the numbness and tingling that was in his fingers has gone away. I'm just really glad that he didn't "die or fall off the face of the earth" and that all is well. (The COAEW was kind enough to let Sweety know the other night that if he croaked that I'd never see the boys again. She's a real gem.)

Yesterday it was decided that she would have the boys tonight but when Sweety realized that I couldn't stay overnight with him in the hospital and would be coming home, she said it would be better if the boys stayed with me tonight and I could take them to school tomorrow. (Damn, that is one fucked up sentence. I'm tired. But you know what I mean, right?) I had to take the boys to the store with me to get some toothpaste and I was so tired that I almost passed out. Got all light-headed and started seeing stars.

I'm so glad that they are in bed now. I let them stay up an hour past their regular bedtime since we did so much running around tonight. As soon as I got them from school we went to the hospital to check on Sweety (but we couldn't see him at that time), then to baseball practice, then to the hospital to visit Sweety, then LittleBrother and me went and got food for everyone, then to the store, then to a drive-through to get the boys a pie for dessert and then home.

While I was out and about today, I did manage to photo some people who pissed me off.

Exhibit A. I guess this was this chick's way of NOT parking in the handicap spot. She pulled her car in so that the damn thing was blocked off for use by anyone else but she wasn't really in it. (And she didn't have a handicap sticker or hangtag for the window.) I wanted to get out and knock on her window and ask here what the hell she was doing but I refrained.

Exhibit B. These are the bleachers that I was sitting in during the boys' baseball practice. We got to practice about 15 minutes early (before everyone else) and I was planted on the top bench right behind where this lady decided to plop down. See that thing in her right hand? That long white thing? That lit cigarette?! Yeah, I really appreciated her sitting down right in front of me (when the whole area of bleachers was empty) and then proceeding to blow clouds of smoke that attacked me. So I had to move. It was move or get a secondhand nicotine high and go crazy and kill everyone. Moving seemed wiser.

Heh, guess what I did to avoid paying on my bet the other night? I got in bed and told Sweety that if he wanted it that he could come and get it. But he couldn't come and get it because of his bum arm! He hasn't been able to hold himself up on his forearms since he's been hurting. I'm not sure, but I think it sounded like he was crying when he realized that he was going to miss out cashing in on the bet due to his current state of weakness. He says that once his arm is all better that he's going to beat me with it. I'm not worried.

My eyes are burny and I must retire. Maybe Tiny would like to give them a soothing lick? I'll take my contacts out, just in case. The girls and I are going to have a threesome since Sweety is gone.


Joey Polanski said...

Maybe you n th girls can have a long talk about ass-sex.

Im sure theyll bofe tell ya it aint no biggie.

Sara Sue said...

I recommend you, the girls, and a jar of peanut butter.

Give Sweetie my best, glad things went well!

Can't wait until his arms are able to support him behind your ass! You know that's going to be one hell of a post!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So glad to read that your Sweey's surgery went so well...Hooray, my dear...
That EX is a true piece-of-work...! the most Incrediblly selfish, self centered, it's "all-about-me" person I think I have ever read about...She sounds kind of nutty!
Those two "girls" are just about the cutest foggies I have ever seen....I just LOVE how they 'get along' soooo beautufully...

Midwestern City Boy said...

Glad to hear that Sweety's surgery went well. I hope his convalescence goes well too.

Did the cable installer show up so there's cable TV in the bedroom for when he gets home?

Regal said...

Best of luck to Sweety and Tiny looks ready but the other dog...is it Stinky? doesn't look up for anything right then!

Mike said...

Poor Sweety. First he misses out on butt sex due to a weak arm and then he misses out on a nifty threesome because he is in the hospital.

Life's just not fair sometimes.

patti_cake said...

Very glad to hear that Sweety's surgery went well.

I cannot stand people that infringe upon my space when there are tons of other spaces they can be infringing upon.

Rich | Championable said...

Dude. That comment from your COAEW is really upsetting. Jesus.

Chickie said...

Hey, Everybody - Thanks for the well wishes to Sweety!

Joey Polanski - Hey, do you know something about my dogs that I don't?

Sara Sue - Marshmallow fluff is waaaay better than peanut butter, IMHO.

I think that this will go down as my last sex post.

Lady of the Hills - The ex is a real nutcase. Sweety said that she's probably already forgotten half the things that she said over the past few days to us.

I'm glad that the girls get along so well. I was afraid that a new dog would cramp Stinky's life but having Tiny around has energized her!

Midwestern City Boy - We canceled the cable installation. There was just no way that I could squeeze that into the day that it was scheduled for. Sweety's camped out on the couch, watching t.v., now.

Regal - Stinky will surprise you with a burst of crazed sprinting and barking when you least expect it. She's sneaky like that.

Mike - Sweety cried his eyes out when he heard about all the fun he missed while in the hospital. I may get him his own jar of marshmallow fluff to enjoy with the girls.

Patti_Cake - The space infringement drives.me.nuts! Why, oh why, do people have to plant themselves close enough to touch when there are other places they could go?

Rich Championable - I was pretty peeved when she said it. That's okay though, I'll fix her wagon someday.