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I'd like to clarify something. I did say that I liked to use the handicap designated stalls in bathrooms but let me also say that I don't seek them out to use if others are available. The only time I use them is when I'm at work and the others are full. I understand that there are people out there that really do need them and I don't want to clog one up with my able-body. The last time that I used one of them in a public place was about 6 years ago (I'd first moved here and was afraid of losing one of the boys) and I had 3 small kids with me that didn't belong to me. When we came out, there was a lady in a wheelchair waiting for it. I felt so horrible that after that, instead of putting the boys in the stall with me with their noses in the corner, I'd stand them up by the door and make them sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" so I'd know that nobody had stolen them.

We've finally decided how we're going to work things when Sweety has his neck surgery. It's going to be on a Tuesday (which is when the boys are here) and Sweety was going to ask the ExWife if she would keep the boys on Tuesday and Wednesday since he'd be in the hospital. I'd planned on pacing the waiting room while Sweety was getting whacked on and then camping out in his hospital room that night but Sweety would rather that I keep the boys because he thinks that I'll do a better job of keeping the boys from freaking out about the fact that he's in the hospital than their mother would. The plan is that I'll tote him to the hospital for the surgery and it should be finished by the time the boys get out of school. Then I'll take them out to eat and tell them what happened and then we'll visit Sweety. Or, worse case scenario, something goes horribly awry during the surgery and I'll throw the boys out at their mom's house and then call them with the bad news.

The boys had a baseball game this Saturday and Tiny Dog went with us to the field. She had a large time. The EW was there with her two other kids (ages 5-ish and 2-ish) and they really got a kick out of seeing the dog that LittleBrother and BigBrother talk about. I sat with them so they could pet her. I feel pretty sorry for the boys' little brother because he's not allowed to do anything that will agitate his little sister. The kid couldn't so much as blink without the little sister screaming and then the EW would give him a speech about how he couldn't do whatever it was because it would make the baby cry because she wanted to do it too. Little sister seemed to be a bit spoiled rotten.

In no particular order, I'd like to give a shout out to a few folks...
To the fucking asshole that took my keyboard away from my computer at work and put a broken one in its place:

Thanks! I really appreciated - Getting to work - Noticing that my keyboard was unplugged - Spending 15 minutes maneuvering the plug-in back into place in the back of the computer by contorting my body into totally unnatural angles and then finding that the keyboard was busted. Next time, just leave a note that says something along the lines of Ha-ha! You aren't here so I decided to trade my broke shit for yours! It would have saved me some aggravation.


To the customer who whistled into the phone to let me know that he didn't agree with something I'd said:

My right eardrum is leaking now, thanks to you.


To the litterbug motherfucker who threw his cigar butt out his window and onto my windshield on the interstate:

That was just what I needed to make my ride home more enjoyable. Thanks a million!


To Sweety (that I love so very much) who had me drive through McDonald's for him on my way home from work:

Dude, don't you know that was like sending a recovering alcoholic on a beer run? I didn't eat any of it but I don't know if the drool stains will come off of the steering wheel.
I had some pretty interesting calls today. One little old lady made me cry. She said something about being 83 years old and that her son didn't want her to buy a lake house because he thought she was too old for it. Then she mentioned her "own James Bond dying in 1997" and told me all about her husband who had died in 1997 and about how much she still missed him. They'd been married for 53 years when he died.

Oh goody! I just got an email telling me that I've won an eBay auction! It was for a Jeffery Deaver book - Twisted. It's a collection of short stories and every one of them has an ending that's like a kick in the pants. More Twisted is the second collection and it's good too. I'm waiting for an auction to end on that one also so I can add it to my pile.

I better go to bed before the dogs realize that they're in the room alone with Sweety and start losing their marbles.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You covered a lot in this post...! I hope ALL goes well with Sweety and his operation...You all should do whatever you tghink is really vest for the boys...cause that will be a scary thing for them, as it is for you too, my dear...

LOVE our story about the Handicap Stall...How embarrassing that someone was waiting...Oh Dear!

What jerk took your keyboard...??? ARRRRGGGG!

I can just see Tiny at that Baseball game....LOL....Did she enjoy it? I hope so.

kat said...

Ok, Yes I wrote the big post about healthy people using handicap stalls, but it was not your post that I was referencing.
I had read over the course of I'd say, about 7 hours, on 13 different blogs, healthy people bragging about using them.
I didn't link to any of those bloggers because I didn't think it was needed.
I'm sorry if you felt I was somehow singling you out. I never even read your post on it until just now cuz you linked to it.

When my boys were toddlers, I used them too. I didn't think anything of it. I didn't use them if I was alone, but when they were with me, yup.
It wasn't until I became disabled, that I realized what a fucking ass I was by using them when I didn't need to.
I have had to wait for healthy people to come out of those stalls, and then they ask me why I didn't use a regular one, because I don't look disabled, and when I tell them that I am in fact disabled, they call me a liar, and tell me that I am just being a bitch.
I feel like I have to carry a photocopy of my disability statement with me, just so I can use a bathroom stall that makes it easier for me to use the bathroom.
The toilets are taller, which for me and my non-bending issue, is a huge relief. There are hand rails so I can hoist myself back up.
A bunch of things that make it easier for me. But even I think what if someone worse off than me comes in?

But anyway girl, I never even read your post, and I'm sorry if you felt my post was directed at you.

Patti_Cake said...

I am with you on the handicap stall thing though thankfully I have never had anyon waiting on me when I came out.

I can't like COAEW - how unfair for her to do that to the 5 year old. There is a load of difference in 2-5. She probably has "always wanted a precious little princess" *gag*

Hope Sweety comes through okay with minimal pain and minimal stress for all of you!

Joey Polanski said...

Since youll be watchin th boys while Sweetys in th hospital, any chance o gettin th ex-wife spayd at th same time?

Maybe a flea-dip too.

Auntierob said...

Hey there Chickie! I took care of my ole Ma and she was in a wheel chair. I never felt she had any special privileges as far as the handicapped toidy was concerned. If someone was in there when we arrived, we would wait and use it when they were done. We both would tinkle in the same stall. Not a big deal for her. Now that she is gone, I continue to use the HC stall because I get all claustrophobic in those little itty bitty stalls.
As for the book think, check out paperbackswap.com and bookmooch.com both are great sites for getting books for free (except for mailing). Prayers and good thoughts for Sweetie and the family.

Mike said...

Your post reminds me that I need to call my mom. I don't have many soft spots, but I have a big one for old people....and chihuahuas.

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - When it gets late, I tend to ramble! I still don't know what toad took my keyboard but I think I'll tape the next one to my desk. Tiny adored all of the attention! Then she came home and slept like a rock.

Kat - Yeah, I saw the post and figured I was one of those people. Sweety pointed out that I did make it sound like I sprint into those stalls whenever there's an opening so I thought I'd explain myself a bit.

Patti_Cake - You know what I love? That I didn't call her a COAEW but you knew it anyway! Oh yes, she's always wanted a girl (LittleBrother has one of those names that can be for a boy or a girl).

Joey Polanski - Spayed? You've gotta be kidding. She was put here to populate the planet. I could maybe manage a flea-dip though.

AuntieRob - Toidy. Toidy. Thanks for the new word! I'll check out the book places too!

Mike - Old people and chihuahuas are my weak spots too. You hand me an elderly chihuahua and I am putty.