All About Tiny Dog (or "I need to get a life.")

Poor, still going bald, Tiny dog. She lost a bunch of hair around the beginning of this year and that stuff still hasn't grown back. I guess she's gonna look moth-eaten forever.

Comfy? Baldy

It's fun to scratch her belly when she's laying like that. She sticks her arms straight out like she's a mummy or zombie and keeps on sleeping. I wish you could hear her snoring. She's loud as hell right now.

I think I've mentioned my take on eating leftover food before - if it's not fuzzy, or green or slimy then I'll eat it. Tiny and I polished off some 2 week old chili last night and don't seem to be suffering from it this morning.


I finished some tequila last night and then did a photo shoot with Tiny while she snacked. I like how her tongue looks like a piece of thin ham. Having a flashing camera right in her face did not interfere with her killing of the chili. That's my girl...

Oh, one more thing about Tiny. I put her on the treadmill yesterday. Actually, she was sitting on it and I turned it on. Not fast, very, very slow. She walked for about 30 seconds then bailed off. When I lured her on by dangling a piece of cheese in front of her face, she stayed on there a bit longer.


Rich | Championable said...

OMG, dude. The leftovers picture loaded, and I was like, HOLY SHIT, THE DOG IS EATING PUKE. Then I realized it was chili. But I'm still freaked out.

"Kelli BoBelli" said...

Do you ever watch "The Dog Whisperer?" That's how he exercises his dogs if he can't walk them.

My dogs are fat. We need to do that to them.

BTW...you need to go sign them up at dogster.com when you are this bored.

OMG! Have ya'll taken the boys to see Spiderman 3? Holy SHIT it's scary! Cory loved it, though, and he's nearly your boys' ages.

Mike said...

Carmen snores like a sailor. She also barks and growls in her sleep sometimes.

It's amazing what dogs will do for cheese.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...You and Tiny are a great pair! You need to get a Video of her on that Treadmill....I can see it on YouTube, right now! LOL! She is really the dog that crawls into your heart, isn't she? And so funny, too!

Liar Liar said...

I never used to like Chihuahuas. Probably because of my first real interaction with the one-eyed, one-toothed, broken-jaw meanie that was my ex's mom's dog.
Tiny Dog is a treat, though! I love how her attitude just totally shines through. Oh, and the way she puts up with you. But now you've got her on the treadmill??? How funny is that??

Sara Sue said...

She's so cute! You two crack me up.

Regal said...

Happy Mother's Day!

You take care of the kids as if they were your very own and you should be commended!

Chickie said...

Rich Championable - Yick. Now, whenever I make chili I'll be thinking of puke.

Kelli - Sweety makes me watch The Dog Whisperer. He thinks Tiny needs some Cesar Milan on her ass. Once I have the house to myself (when Sweety goes back to work full time), I'm gonna sign up at dogster. Right now, I'm having a hard time keeping up with this and MySpace. We haven't seen Spiderman 3 yet but we are going to.

Mike - That is some funny ass shit when dogs dream. I like to tickle Stinky's feet. My dogs would eat my head for a piece of cheese.

Lady of the Hills - I thought of videoing it but thought it might be taken as animal abuse. And I don't know if I could hold the camera straight because I was laughing so hard.

Liar Liar - I was never a chihuahua person either til about a year before we got Tiny dog. I'm a convert now!

Sara Sue - We make a good team.

Regal - Thank you!