Damn, Dude.

You will never believe what Sweety did to me last night!

I had a few belts of tequila after the sprogs went to bed and Sweety decided to mess with my head while it was loosey goosey. (hey, I'm a poet!) We got to talking about something to do with forgetting things and he told me that I forgot his birthday this year. Now, I was pretty sure that I hadn't but he was so serious and being so forgiving about it that I decided that I must have. So I started to cry because I felt so horrible that I forgot his birthday. After about 10 minutes I remembered that I did NOT forget his birthday. As a matter of fact, I gave him a gift and a cake. Fucker. That was not a kind thing to do. He told me that he actually thought for a few minutes that I had forgotten his birthday but I don't believe him.


Sara Sue said...

Sounds like someone needs a duck in the butt!

Regal said...

You'd be fun to party with - Tequila Girl.

Joey Polanski said...

Did Sara Sue just say a DUCK in th butt?

Can you strap one o them quackrs on?

Chickie said...

Sara Sue - Oh, he's gonna get one. Or something comparable.

Regal - I'm either a lot of fun or dead weight. There is no halfway.

Joey Polanski - Yes, she did say duck. I'm into the feathers over here.

patti_cake said...

Ha haaaaa gullible.

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - I prefer to think of myself as "trusting to a fault".