Saturday Night Gratuitous Photo Post

Tiny Dog got a huge kick out of riding in shotgun (and napping) in Penelope. She's a great copilot.

Hello, world! car4

See where she's sniffing the gear shift? Right after that she climbed up on the armrest and humped the hell out of it. I think the leather smell attracted her.

More snoozing How can that be comfortable?

Why is it that I had that cozy blanket for her but she would only sleep in it for about 97 seconds before cramming herself awkwardly in my lap to nap?


Fidget said...

she had to remind the armrest just exactly who was in charge.

Chickie said...

Fidget - I guess so...I was glad that it only took a few thrusts to satisfy her. It would've been hard to smack her off of it for the length of the trip.

Cissy Strutt said...

In my world, Tiny is in the driver's seat. Fun.

patti_cake said...

That is one humpy little dog LOL and such a Momma's girl! :)

Sara Sue said...

I do the exact same thing ... hump the armrest every time I get in the car.

Rich | Championable said...

Best. Shirt. Ever.

Mike said...

Yeah, I need that shirt for Carmen. Where did you get it?

Sara Sue humps the arm rest? I freaking knew it.

bekah said...

So I'm thinking that Tiny's new name should be T Dawg, because she's just so bad ass in that shirt and spiked collar.

Chickie said...

Cissy Strutt - That reminds me - The dashboard in this car is low enough that Tiny can see the highway over it. She spent about 20 miles, propped up on the steering wheel & watching the highway. Got some weird looks from other drivers when that was going on.

Patti_Cake - I didn't realize how much of a Momma's girl she was til we went on this trip!

Sara Sue - Mental note to self: Put down plastic before taking Sara Sue on a road trip.

Rich Championable - Isn't it? It makes her feel like a gangster.

Mike - I got the shirt at a little kiosk in the mall. The brand name is "Pet Tease".

Can't you only imagine the things that Sara Sue does that we don't know about?

Bekah - To be a true T Dawg, she'll need to get some serious bling. I may have to make her a crunk.