Saturday Night Gratuitous Photo Post

Not a cowboy.

The deer seeks revenge.

The fresh Oklahoma air gave him courage. Or something.


Sara Sue said...

He's so hot! You guys really do make an adorable couple! Can you both be in the HNT shot next week?

Mike said...

Hey...those look like the reindeer from Rudolph.

Fidget said...

the one behind him looks like it's prancing up to get some lovin. the one he's riding looks weirded out by the whole incident though

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sweety is a very brave soul...Riding a Deer....! Very bravem indeed! (lol)

Joey Polanski said...

Id be dangd proud if I had a 12-point buck btween my legs too!

Chickie said...

Sara Sue - I'll have to try and talk Sweety into some half-nekkidity to share with the masses. Just for you :)

Mike - Of course they are! The reindeer need vacations too.

Fidget - I think the one he was riding felt taken advantage of.

Lady of the Hills - Sometimes I forget how brave he is but then I see him wrangle a concrete deer and my heart just melts.

Joey Polanski - It makes me proud to just be in the company of such power.