Not My Preferred Manner

It's hot.

I like to sleep pretty well covered to protect myself from gargoyles and zombies but it's just too hot for a blanket right now. It's also probably too hot for the gargoyles and zombies to be out so I guess I'll be safe.

Happy HNT!


patti_cake said...

I love that headboard and I must keep my feet covered NO MATTER WHAT. From the things under the bed.

Sara Sue said...

Nice shot! Thank Sweetie for us. I'm in love with your comforter set!

Mike said...

Yeah, fortunately gargoyles and the like only come out when it is cold.

Rich | Championable said...

You're braver than me, man.

The Phosgene Kid said...

A little undercover work,eh??

Thomas said...

Zombies and Gargoyles prefer much cooler weather.
Of course, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms bring them out in droves.

That is why I am buying bullets and sharpening my machete in case Dean comes this way.

I was pretty sure I saw a Zombie in the garden yesterday as Erin blew threw

Firewyvern said...

wow, and i thot i was the only grown human that had to keep my feet covered when i sleep. you never know what might grab you!

Joey Polanski said...

Mosquitos love reveald skin.

Cant say as I blame em.

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - I think the bed is my favorite piece of furniture. You need a small dog to snoop around under your bed. I feel confident that mine keep the things that want to be under the bed away.

Sara Sue - Actually, I took the photo alone. It was hard getting into the bed before the camera went off. We got the comforter before we found the bed frame and it really pleases me how well they match.

Mike - I know that is true but I still worry a bit about them even when it's hot.

Rich Championable - You'd be surprised what you'll do if it's necessary.

The Phosgene Kid - Just partway.

Thomas - Holy shit. I didn't know that about the hurricanes and tropical storms. This hurricane season just became a little more scary.

Firewyvern - I don't see how anyone could sleep with their feet uncovered. It's just too dangerous!

Joey Polanski - It's funny you say that. I artfully arranged the sheet so my numerous bug bites didn't show.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hey! Getch yer ass outta bed and post something already!!