Deja Vu

The air conditioner is broken again.

Shoot me now.

It's a couple of hours later and Sweety has saved the day! The bastard wonderful a/c is working again! Yay! All hail Sweety!


Rich | Championable said...

What an emotional roller coaster this post was!


Chickie said...

You should have been on my end of things!

patti_cake said...

The hell? AGAIN?! I supposed the heater will crap out on you during a cold wave this winter. Gah!

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - I fully expect it to die this winter but I can handle that. It's not too bad for me to be cold because I can always get a blanket but when you're hot you can only take off your clothes and then if you're still hot then that's just too bad!