Bugs, Boobs & The Beast

Most of the filthy love bugs have gone away. I can sit in my car in front of the school and not have them swarm in through my open windows. Their departure signifies that summer is over. Yay!

I weighed my tits this morning. 7.4 pounds. Now, that's not alot in the scheme of things, but it is quite a bit to have flopping off of your chest every.single.day. You've heard of the pencil test? Where if you can put a pencil under your boobs and it doesn't fall then they are too saggy? I could easily confine Chi Chi under mine. I don't necessarily want to make them much smaller. Just get them hoisted up. When I spoke with a doctor about it awhile back, he told me that they would be as perky as they were when I was 18. When I told him that they: had never been perky that kind of stumped him. Depending on my weight, I go between a 34DDD and a 38DDD (right now I'm at the 36) and that is too damn much. I'll get them reduced and lifted someday. I'm just not quite ready to part with them.

See that green blanket that Chi Chi is on? Chi Chi lived with my Grandma for a few years and Grandma loved her immensely and made her that quilt. I think part of the reason that I'm dreading Chi Chi's demise is that having her around is kind of like having Grandma around too. One day last week she didn't eat for 24 hours and I was freaking out. She is usually not one to turn her nose at any food. She has since found her appetite. Maybe she just liked having me and Sweety coo at her and try to hand feed her treats. The other night, (while playing a video game with Chi Chi in my lap after everyone else was in bed) I was reminded of one of the first times that I'd met her. I was 20 years old and the exhusband and I were at his friend's house (Chi Chi's original owner). Everybody decided that they wanted to go to the casino and then realized that I couldn't because I wasn't 21 yet. So I stayed at the friend's house and played SuperMarioKart on the Nintendo until my thumbs had blisters on them while Chi Chi snoozed in my lap. If she'd have told me 11 years ago that she would be retiring in Florida with me and a whole new family, I'd have never believed her.

It is crazy how things can turn out.


Rich | Championable said...

Dude. I realize your post got kind of introspective and all, but it's really, really hard to switch gears after "I weighed my tits this morning."

The Phosgene Kid said...

38DDD? Thats bigger than my hat.

AS far as dogs, my brother went through a similar thing with my dad's Bichone after my dad died. It was as thought he still had part of my father around, pretty rough when the dog passed.

Sara Sue said...

It is funny how things turn out, huh? I'm sure losing ChiChi will be very hard, but she's having such a wonderful last part of her life ... I mean ... warm and comfy under DDD tits, heaven on earth!

Hey ... how do you weigh tits? Can we have pics??

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Chi Chi is very fortunate to have you in her life.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thrre is something soooo Very Very Dear about Chi Chi, and knowing that her being with you and Sweety now makes you feel that you are with your Grandma...Well, this is very very touching! I hope Tiny is okay with Chi Chi being there now...!

Scott English said...

I have an amazing two step program just for you!

1) Steam Therapy: Apply liberal amounts of steam to your chest. I don't know how exactly this works, but it sure does a number on spinach. But please, dear lord, please don't overdo it!!

2) Inversion Therapy: Go to sleep hanging upside down while your breasts are "unharnessed". Let gravity do all the work for you. (If Sweety is reading, may I suggest that this might be an opportune situation for a HNT shot).

Following my simple two step program, you should achieve size reduction and increased perkiness within a matter of weeks!

Scott English said...

When loved ones leave us, its never easy, whether its humans or animals.

I'm hoping that you have Chi Chi in your life for a very very long time to come.

Midwestern City Boy said...

I just want to know WHY you weigh your boobs?

Regal said...

It was yours and Chi Chi's destiny to come together :)

Chickie said...

Rich Championable - I had a couple other random things that were on my mind and it was hard to not throw them in there too.

The Phosgene Kid - Well, I have used it as a hat.

Sara Sue - I took pics and trust me when I say that you don't want to see them. Any photo of my half nekkid self that goes on here is probably the result of at least 20 other photos being taken first.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - I feel lucky to know her. She's my oldest friend.

Lady of the Hills - Tiny still isn't happy about it but her and Chi Chi are working on their own uneasy friendship.

Scott English - I might try #1 but I could smother myself if I did #2. We actually have an inversion table and it is not pleasant when the boobs hang the wrong way.

I hope to squeeze at least another 4 or 5 years out of Chi Chi.

Midwestern City Boy - I was bored. I saw the scale and though, "Hmm, I wonder if they weigh more than Tiny Dog?" They do.

Regal - Most definitely!

moooooog35 said...

..offering my services to lift some of that weight off your chest. Literally.

I can be at the airport in less than an hour. Let me know.

Thanks for coming by my site by the way!

Chickie said...

Moooooo35 - Would you be available 24/7 or for folding the laundry also? If so, we can work something out.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

and i thought i had big cans with my 36 D's. props to you for carrying those around, because i know how much i bitch about mine.

well if you get them reduced, it means you will need to submit a new picture to Sara Sue for a TTF.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

oh, i forgot to add, why NOT weigh your boobs? i know it's first on my list of things to do when i get home.

patti_cake said...

It IS crazy how things turn out. I'm glad you've got Chi Chi though.

I had a lift/reduction will be 2 years in Dec. Best move I ever made but very painful afterward and still some numbness where I had lipo. Still, i'd do it again.

Chickie said...

Tequial Mockingbird - When it happens, I'll be happy to celebrate with a new TTF photo!

It was weird to realize that my tits weigh almost as much as 2 small bags of sugar.

Patti_Cake - I'm glad to hear that you'd do it again. I think I'd feel the same way but part of me worries that I won't. You can't really unring the bell after the fact, you know?

Ginamonster said...

I've been meaning to weigh mine. My digital scale is in storage (of course) For those of you who don't understand the why of it, once they hit a certain size, you want to know exactly how much poundage you are carrying around. I have a friend who got a reduction, and it was covered by her insurance because her Dr recomended it to alleviate her back problems. (they grew back) I'm lucky. Mine defy gravity (for now) and my bras are still reasonable yalmke size. (just moved to a 38 D. 34DD squeezed my back fat too much. I think Victorias is on crack with the whole "sister size" thing)

Chickie said...

Ginamonster - Oh, you've gotta let me know what they weigh when you get around to it!

I would give up my pinky toes to have mine defy gravity. :(