Growing Pains

Poor Sweety. Ever since he had the surgery to fix his busted discs, he has not been the same. Do you know how aggravating it is for all parties to exercise extreme caution every.single.time. they are having sex so someone doesn't hurt themselves? This morning, extreme caution was thrown to the wind and Sweety hasn't been able to sit up properly since. We weren't doing anything crazy like swinging from the ceiling fan but he managed to do something to hurt his neck. I hope he feels better tomorrow. No more pussy for him until the doctor gives him a clean bill of health.

We had a "first" this weekend. BigBrother(12) went somewhere with some friends and no parent was with them. The neighborgirls (ages 20, 18 and 16) were going to the fair and asked if him and LittleBrother(10) would like to go too. LB didn't want to (I think he was afraid that they'd want him to ride scary rides and he didn't want to do that.) so BB went alone. Sweety was kind of nervous because he's never been anywhere like that before but I told him that at some point we would have to let the boys leave the house without an adult and the neighborgirls are the best kids that I could think of that he could be out with. We took LB out to eat at a nice place and then went to the mall afterwards. It sure is quiet when you are toting around only one kid. Since his brother wasn't there to pick at him, LB had a chance to be a bit of a conversationalist. Regular conversation with him was much nicer than the constant stream of, "Owwww! Quit touching me!" that usually comes from the back seat.


moooooog35 said...

I used to hear that "Owww...Quit touching me!" coming from the back seat ALL THE TIME. You're right...it IS annoying.

..but I was usually in the back seat with the girl at the time. Ah...college....

On a related note, sometimes Rohypnol just doesn't work like you wish it would.

patti_cake said...

Hope BB had a good time at the Fair and it sounds like LB enjoyed some quality time with you and Dad! Win/Win!

Midwestern City Boy said...

Sweety may be sore now, but I bet he wasn't complaining then.

BTW: You should try that swinging from the ceiling fan sometimes, it IS everything its cracked up to be. :)

Siblings sure are different when they are separated. Ours don't want to do anything except get back together.

Chickie said...

Moooooog35 - Dude, that is so very wrong. But I laughed so I guess I'm a sicko too.

Patti_Cake - BB did have fun and he got to learn how hard it is to spend your own money. Sweety gave him an advance on his allowance for spending money and he brought all of it home. He only used the money we gave him to get into the fair and a bit to ride a ride and get something to eat. He told Sweety things cost too much and he didn't want to dip into his allowance money.

Midwestern City Boy - Maybe it's different with siblings of the opposite sex? I remember that my sister and I fought like cats and dogs up until I left home. It seems that my girlfriends that had brothers got along with them better.