A Cheese House Visit

Is anybody out there familiar with welfare cheese? (It is possibly the tastiest cheese in the world.) When I was a kid, my family got free food from the government. I now call getting free food or getting a good deal on anything, "going to the cheese house".

I take my dogs to the cheese house for their inoculations because it is a freaking arm and a leg to take them to the vet for their yearly shots. It costs approximately a quarter of that amount to take them to a vet clinic (cheese house). That's when a veterinarian sets up shop somewhere (usually outside of a pet grooming place) and you can get the shots for your pets without getting slammed for an entire vet visit. (And before anyone bitches, if my dogs are sick, I take them to the vet. I'm not that much of a cheapskate.)

The last time I was at the vet's my ire was raised. I told him that Stinky didn't need to have her damn nails trimmed because I had just done it the night before but he insisted on pulling out nail clippers and scraping off a minuscule amount of dog nail and then charging me $10 for it. Grrr.

Stinky and Tiny went to the cheese house today and now they are feeling punky from getting their shots. They are some sleeping, slam-eyed fools.


Ginamonster said...

I used to take my cats to the local pet store for thier worm shots.

Then I took the bunny to the vet and 200 bucks later...I ended up having to put him to sleep because he was incurable. (full story on my blog. I don't think you were reading me back then) I took him to the Humane Society. $5 later, no more Jack.

I totally support the Cheese House.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is shocking what it costs thesecdays to go to the Vet....! And to add insult to injury---as they say----None of my cats EVER Liked going....so there is crying and complaining all the way there...THEN, a lot of shaking while there, and then a LOT of talking on the way home---Sharing hoe horrid the whole experience is....! Always glad wqhewn THAT is over....lol!

scotty ice said...

I remember welfare cheese....I think we called it commodity cheese for reason....LOL...I loved it when my grandmother would get it for being on fixed income...and you are right. It is probably the best. I can still remember the mac and cheese we made from it....

...and dont get me started on vets....

Mike said...

I need to find me a cheese vet. Of course, the vet lives at the end of my road, so the money I save in gas almost might pay the difference between a cheese vet and a rip off vet.

It might just be a toss up.

Sara Sue said...

mmmmm grilled gubment cheese sandwiches!

patti_cake said...

I wish we had cheese house vet visits! Hope they have a good slumber and feel better after those shots.

Thomas said...

Grandma Doom Cake always had a shit load of that tasty guberment cheese in the freezer.
I think they gave her tons of the shit just because she was in her 90's and never ate the shit


Rich | Championable said...

I'd have whacked that nail-clipping vet on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.

moooooog35 said...

"Cheese House" is another name for my bathroom.

You don't want to know.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks Chickie for your kind words...! I love the name, "the Cheese House"....I want to know what kind of cheese you got when you went to 'the cheese house'? (lol)

Chickie said...

Ginamonster - Aw, poor bunny! I'm gonna snoop through your archives for the story!

Lady of the Hills - The first thing that Stinky does at the vets (or a shot clinic visit) is piss all over the place. I take her to potty before we leave the house and in the yard of the place when we get there but she doesn't let loose until we get in line with everyone else. I think she's trying to tell me something.

Scotty Ice - Yeah, commodities! I knew there was a certain word my Grandma use for them. "going to get commodities" was what she'd say. Thanks for jarring my memory. It was bugging me that I couldn't remember that word.

Mike - Just put the dogs on a bus and send them to the cheese house with a note on their collars. I'm sure they would return properly vaccinated.

Sara Sue - With a pickle! Good stuff.

Patti_Cake - They are finally back to their old selves. It took a couple of days though and Tiny's leg was sore from the shots. Do you get a PennySaver newspaper? The shot clinics down here advertise in those. It is worth looking for. It was $56 for both of their shots (rabies, bordella & 5 way) and at the vet, it's $100 each! Sheesh.

TV - We always ate ours before it could get to the freezer. That cheese started my lifelong addiction.

Rich Championable - I wanted to. That was the last time that I took them to the vet.

Moooooog35 - I don't want to know but my mind races with the possibilities.

Lady of the Hills - I wish I knew what kind of cheese it was! It came in a 5 pound block. I used to sneak pieces off when nobody was looking.