I Am a Posting Fool!

The coaew called Sweety and apologized for saying shit about me. She told him that she couldn't have hand-picked anyone better than me to be her kids' stepmom and that when she's angry she says things that she doesn't mean. Gee, thanks. Now I feel all warm and snuggly inside. *insert eyeroll here* Sweety told her that he didn't appreciate her bringing me or my lack of childbearing up whenever she gets mad. He told her that as far as me not having any maternal instincts, I had them but we were waiting til the boys were older and didn't need so much attention. He also told her that just because someone has a uterus doesn't mean that they have to use it and that there are things out there that will prevent pregnancy. She brought up that she wanted them go back to court and to change their original custody arrangement because she feels like Sweety holds it over her head and will enforce it if he gets mad. He pointed out to her that he as not once mentioned the original agreement and that she is always the one bringing up going to court. She did admit that when the boys are at her house that they have to fight for attention amongst the seven kids. She's aware of the things that she needs to do to help the boys in school and we will see how it goes. Okay, I'm not going to clutter up my lovely blog about her any more.

We've decided on our end that the boys' t.v. time is going to be monitored to 90 minutes a day (which is still a long time, I know) and when BigBrother(13) doesn't have math homework, we're going to have him do problems out of his math book anyway. And LittleBrother(11) will be receiving a nice, shiny, new workbook to help with reading comprehension. I can't wait for the boys to hear the new rules! They'll probably be really excited about them! You feel the sarcasm, right?

Speaking of golfing in my previous post made me realize that I really need to get another golf club. Sweety had an old set and I used some of the clubs to whack toadstools and mushrooms but he threw them away when cleaning the garage. I'm going to look at clubs today. I need one good one. I think that I will expand my whacking of things to include hard-boiled eggs (since suitable fungi isn't always in season). There is a big clearing and retention pond behind our house and it would be perfect to smack eggs into.

Stinky dog had a fantastic bath a week ago and she still doesn't stink like she normally would a week after a bath. She is attempting to eat her own feet though so I'm having to keep her doctored up. I'm trying to keep from having to put a cone around her head because she hates is so much. I'll smear antibacterial ointment on her feet in a thick layer and then spray that with stuff that tastes nasty so she won't lick it off. Seems to be working.


Pusher Robot said...

We used to use "TVAllowance" with my kids ... it worked pretty good for limiting TV time and gave the kids the flexibility to still control how they used their time.

Chickie said...

Pusher Robot - The TVAllowance looks like a pretty neat thing. We may look into that if they both get t.v.s in their rooms.

Mike said...

Man, if anyone cuts my TV time to 90 minutes, I am just going to lay down and die.

dhimes said...

I love the idea of tv allowance. We tried it years ago, but backed down (most of the time the kids were too involved in sports to have much time for tv anyway).

When I was a kid, tv = sports = time away from work/schoolwork...how things change. Now, sports are considered "off-budget."

The good news for kids these days, however, is that reading comprehension can be conquered.

Midwestern City Boy said...

At least Tiny isn't trying to eat Stinky's feet. After eye boogers and walls, you would think it would be one of her favorites.

Midwestern City Boy
Married In Ohio.

The Phosgene Kid said...

TV is the devil!!

Kat said...

I do tv and game allowance during mid-terms and finals weeks.
They are limited to an hour a day then, and the rest of the time has to be spent preparing for the tests.

Cissy Strutt said...

I loved appearing in your dream - especially combined with sara sue. I'm afraid I would be a hopeless housekeeper, but I feel we'd find fun things to do instead.

We had a tv budget as kids. We could chose the programmes, and we had to agree which ones, but the time limit was set. We were all out on our bikes til dark though - something I know you can't let kids do today. Back then, with stay-at-home mums the norm, we were always in view of someone's mother.

rob said...

egg golf - hilarious!

Thomas said...

I would skip the workbook and read to the kid.
NOTHING works better for reading skills than to read along and read together, even taking turns reading.

Not only will it help him, but he will start to like you even more than she who remains nameless.


patti_cake said...

AMEN to "she couldn't have hand-picked a better step mother to her kids". You rock girlie! I'd much rather have someone who has a fixation with tumors and such, is an animal lover, loves to crunch acorns in her car etc.. than a sugary-sweet fake biotch around my kids. I hate sugary-sweet anyway unless i'm eating it.

Sara Sue said...

I loved being in your dream too! What an all-star cast I got to show up with too!

May we please see pictures of Stinky eating her feet??

Chickie said...

dhimes - I'm trying to get them to do more things outside and away from the tube. If I suggest it, they go play but sometimes I have to push them out the door.

Midwestern City Boy - Well, I didn't mention it, but Tiny thinks any scab of Stinky's is a delicacy. The bitter apple stuff keeps her from eating Stinky alive.

The Phosgene Kid - Amen, brother.

Kat - The boys aren't to where they have big tests to prepare for but their progress reports have taken a bit of a tumble.

Cissy Strutt - I don't think you were a good housekeeper because you handed Sweety a box of saltines when he asked for supper. But I'm sure we would have a good time too!

When I was a kid, we had a t.v. in our room but only got 3 stations and the reception was very poor. I guess that's why I love reading so much.

Rob - I will be sure to post photos once the season starts!

Thomas - I do read to them but they don't read to me. I'll start that.

Patti_Cake - Geez, when you describe me, I sound like a fruit loop! :) Fake people make me want to vomit.

Sara Sue - It was quite a dream. I must admit that upon waking, I did entertain the notion that you and Cissy were the same person. Maybe some big, sweaty guy in New Jersey.

I can't post photos of Stinky's feet. You might call CPS on me.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I know you probably have said somewhere on your blog that the EX has seven children...7????? OY!
She is a Baby Machine...! This is a woman who probably shouldn't have ever had one child (no offense to BB & LB) let alone SEVEN!!!! She is an unbelievable peice of work....!

Perhaps you could get a NEW Golf club, and Bop Her One.....!

It is all crazy, isn't it? I feel for 'The Boys', I really do...!

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - The EW has only birthed 4 (including the boys) but her new husband has 3. When the boys are at her house and they all go somewhere, they are assigned a child that they are responsible for. And they share fucking seatbelts because their car only has 6 and there are 9 in the family.

I'd like to bop her with a crowbar.