A Shiny New Day

Hey there. Thank you to everyone that commented on yesterday's post. (themom's mention of "at least they can't eat me" was one that I hadn't thought of before but I like it! And the anonymous comment about the serenity saying was good. It would be better to say that to myself than the "CALM DOWN, CRAZY!" that I mentally scream to myself.) I'm typing this as I wait for LittleBrother(11) to get out of school and I may reply to the comments individually later or I might not. I'm going to try and ignore yesterday. At any rate, you are all a great bunch of friends. Today is going well. I have completed all of this paperwork where all sorts of nosy questions were asked and now that the spilling of my guts to strangers is done and in the mailbox, I feel better. There's nothing else that can be asked of me at this point. I'll be glad when it's all over and done with so I can tell you all about it fully. Until then, I will keep taking my 1/2 pill a day to keep me from wigging out. Thank goodness for medication.

Naomi has mentioned Primal Therapy before. I don't have my own padded room, so I've been screaming my guts out when the urge strikes while alone in the car. I think it helps.

I got some stripper nails yesterday to cheer myself. Usually I have a french manicure done but decided to go crazy since I needed a brand new set of nails. The nail tips are clear and it looks like there are tiny mirrors embedded in them. I knew that Sweety would be appalled at my new nails, so I kept my hands hidden for as long as I could. He was on the phone with someone when he noticed them and said something along the lines of what the hell happened to your fingers. They were hard to get used to because they are a lot longer than I normally have them. At bedtime, Sweety decided that he didn't care what the nails looked like because he thoroughly enjoyed the new length. Isn't it nice how if you can link something to good sex that it can generally be forgiven?

Maybe if I give Sweety the best blowjob of his life with Tiny Dog sitting on my pillow, he will welcome her sleeping in our bed? It is worth trying.

I had to get some more spray to put on Stinky Dog to keep her from nibbling. I'd been using the same stuff for a couple of years and I knew that it tastes nasty enough to keep her from licking but there was some new stuff at the pet store and it looked like it might be good. I was afraid it wouldn't taste bad enough though, so I discreetly unscrewed the lid and stuck my finger in and licked it. And immediately started drooling all over the place like a rabid dog. It passed the nasty taste test and was purchased for Stinky's licking pleasure. I had to wait for the drooling to stop before I could go pay for it.

I must go clean our bathroom before the dust bunnies and dog slobber bands together to start a new race that would overtake us all.


Patti said...

Okay I was blog absentia yesterday. Must go read.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Glad to read ytour feeling a bit better today, my dear....And I LOVE The Serenity Prayer. It is truly profound!

I hope you take a picture of those New Nails....I want to see the little Mirror Type Thingy's....! And the length....

I LOL'd at the image of Tiny sitting on your pillow during the Very Special Blow-Job....LOL! And I hope Sweety is more open to her being in bed with you all, too!

Thomas said...

Told you that little pills will make it better. I know these things.

I wouldn't care if you had Frankenstein in the bed if you were giving a decent bj. Somethings make the point all by themselves.


Mike said...

So glad you are feeling better Chickie. It's amazing what a difference a day can make sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you actually tasted the new stuff to see if it was nasty enough. It was designed to be foul. And foul for a dog is especially foul for a person. Yuck!

Amy said...

Honest Chickie, if the panic gets to be too bad - see a doctor. It's not worth months of "it's all in your head." I tried that... it doesn't work very well.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Here's to meds, Very Special blowjobs, complicated situations resolving themselves, dogs, and stripper nails. A winning combination.

Mystery Woman said...

"stripper nails" love it!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Good thing you didn't buy mace...

bekah said...

I scream in my car like a maniac from time to time... normally in the morning before work when I realize that I'd rather drive my car off a cliff than go to work. The screaming does help.

Ginamonster said...

Ok, so I tried to leave a comment the other day but I couldn't. I was feeling all sorts of guilt for not leaving an uplifting and loving note the day before.
I'm glad things are feeling better.

Love the stripper nails. Maybe I need a set of those...

Zube Girl said...

Yay for stripper nails. Screaming in the car is awesomely therapeutic (sp?). I do it all the time. It helps, too, to give the drivers around you the old crazy eye.

Gald you're feeling better. Panic sucks. It does.

Chickie said...

Patti - You didn't miss much. Just a tiny meltdown.

Lady of the Hills - You can click on where it says "stripper nails" in pink lettering in the post. That goes right to the photo.

I'm not making much headway at getting Tiny in the bed with me. :(

Thomas - I'm loving the little pills. Could you have a talk with Sweety? I suggested letting Tiny on the bed during a bj and he rolled away in despair.

Mike - Yeah. Me too!

Midwestern City Boy - I've bought stuff before for this kind of purpose and she licked it right off. I wanted to make sure I was getting my money's worth!

Amy - I went to the doctor not too long ago, and under normal circumstances, what I take usually works. Last week was just uber sucky.

here today, gone tomorrow - Amen to that!

Mystery Woman - Sometimes we just need something flashy!

The Phosgene Kid - Or a gun.

bekah - That's one of my favorite times to scream too. I scream while I'm going over the bridge instead of steering off of it.

Ginamonster - It's okay that an uplifting note wasn't left. They make me feel kind of guilty. Yes, you do need stripper nails! I'm surprised that it's not a requirement for derby girls.

Zube Girl - My windows are tinted too dark for other people to see me. That's a good thing because I don't know if I'd be brave enough to scream with people watching me.