Yeah, We Are Definitely Related.

Wow! Are those your bath fizzies?

Yeah! And check these out!

Cool! They're all so pretty and smell good.

(Sylvie doesn't say anything and watches me brush my hair for a few minutes.)

Aunt Anna?


If something...happens...could I have five of your bath fizzies?

What did you say? (I knew good and well what she said. I just wanted to hear it again.)

You know...if something happens. May I have five of your bath fizzies?

Do you mean, if I DIE can you have five bath bombs?

Well, I'm not trying to bring it on to you or anything...but...yes.

(I immediately had a vision of her trying to smother me in my sleep if I told her yes so she would be able to get her inheritance. But it was also one of my proudest moments as an Aunt. I can tell that I have truly influenced this child.)

Tell you what, kiddo. Before you leave, we'll take a sack and you can take as many as you want home with you, okay?



BO Snagley said...

all i ever got from my aunt was a semester of college tuition. you rock

heather said...

ok so if i want something...
i should hint at killing the person...

and then they will just give it to me rather than die...


AmyD said...


Best Aunt EVER. Seriously!

Of course, I'm totally rethinking the idea of sending Maggie out for Chickie training... I can't have someone reinforce the idea that it is ok to imply you might kill them if you don't get what you want.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is really dear....! I love that she is a Fizz-Ball Lover In Training...lol! I know it must make you feel good that she likes the things you like! And I know you will probabky give them ALL to her...(Well, almost all...) cause you adore her so much!

Mike said...

No need for a DNA test to find the blood lines there.

Joey Polanski said...

You didnt feed em to er fer breakfast, didja?

bekah said...

Tell her to go for all of them if you die.

Anonymous said...

You are not alone. My son has his eye on a couple of things that I got from my dad and both of us are still living.

Cissy Strutt said...

Yay! Give her lots, so then you can buy some more. My wonderful aunt gave me a manicure set when I was twelve. She had painted toenails!! I thought she was the most glamorous thing in the world. (Secretly, I still do).

Sara Sue said...

The first bath fizzy is free ... after that she's hooked!
Fizzy Pusher!

here today, gone tomorrow said...

It is good to be The Aunt. I take my bad influence role very, very seriously. Well done, Aunt Chickie!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Tell her not to drop all 5 in the tub at once or it could be reach fizzie critical mass and cause a nuclear explosion.

Regal said...

That was sweet. I could see you with a little girl :)

themom said...

What a cutie! I think she has gotten even "prettier" since she last visited you. It's always nice to go to bed at night - knowing you have insured against a pillow against the face! Ya have to love "blackmail" in a sense.

Chickie said...

Bo Snagley - If you want, I could send you some bath bombs now. Show you what you've missed. I still have approximately 15 pounds worth.

heather - Yes! You are just now figuring this out?!

AmyD - I don't reinforce that idea. That is soley Sylivie's. I will make sure that they never meet!

Lady of the Hills - It did tickle me that she was so taken with them. I have also introduced her to smelly lotion - she loves it! :)

Mike - Nope. That conversation is telling in so many ways.

Joey Polanski - Not for breakfast. I had to keep her from drinking the water of the hot chocolate one though.

bekah - I did tell her that the boys probably wouldn't fight for any if she wanted all of them. They agreed.

Midwestern City Boy - My Mom asked me if I wanted something of hers the other day and I told her to keep it and I'd get it after she was gone. I felt bad after I said it but she said that it was a good idea.

Cissy Strutt - Give her lots, so then you can buy some more. Hey! That hadn't occurred to me. I need to go look for some more now.

Sara Sue - It's better for you than cocaine.

here today, gone tomorrow - Thank you! I try to instill my own set of values.

The Phosgene Kid - The tub? I'm having to keep the kids from dumping an armload in the damn pool!

Regal - Me too. Someday. Maybe. When Sylvie is bigger and going through the teenage phase where she hates everyone.

themom - Yesterday, she filled a bag with all she wanted. I finally slept soundly last night. She is turning into a pretty little lady. It's interesting to see!

Monogram Queen said...

Hmmmmmm I 'might' consider smothering you over some monkey farts! Oops did I say that out loud? LOL

Bath Fizzies and Cool Aunties are the BEST!

Malia said...

I can remember telling my grandmother the same thing, not about bath fizzies, it was jewelry, but I wanted her to know that I wanted them, but I didn't want to her her feelings at the same time.


Chickie said...

Monogram Queen - Mental note to self, if I ever meet Patti - take Monkey Farts or something comparable OR sleep with one eye open. Check.

Malia - When my Grandma started getting ready to die, she made me pick out things that I wanted and gave them to me then.

She gave me a plate that belonged to her mother. She taped a piece of paper to it that said, "This was your great grandmother's but since she's dead, she won't mind that you have it". My Grandma was a different kind of cat.