Greetings From Nowhere

I'm at my Mom's house in Oklahoma. She finally has internet service but it is slower than old people fuck. Old - dead - people. I can see that my blog page is wonky. It appears that the place that made my template has closed up shop and I didn't have the good sense to save the graphics in case this happened. I may drive 20 minutes to town to find some wireless internet service so I can fix it. And so I can blog surf. (Because who knows wtf I'm missing in my blog neighborhood!) It's a minor miracle that I'm online now and I'll be surprised if the connection doesn't crap out before this thing is posted.

We spent a few days in a cabin at a park. (Where, oddly enough, there was sporadic cell phone service. I celebrated by tweeting constantly.) I learned a very important thing.

If you go hiking to the bottom of the cliff behind your cabin and tell your husband that you will come right back up? You better scrabble your fat ass back up that cliff with your kids instead of walking around the mountain to get back to the cabin. When you hike goes from 45 minutes to almost 3 hours - your husband will be freaking the fuck out when you finally drag your hiking peeps back to the campsite. He was getting ready to call the park ranger because the side of the mountain that we went down was already fully dark because the sun had set on that side. He thought that my mom and I had fallen and smashed our heads and the boys were trying to revive us. Sweety was so glad to see us that he hit us all with a giant stick.

Here I am on the computer with they boys playing a video game and Sweety doing a home project. It's almost like we are still at home!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That Hiking sounds like it was pretty scary! Hiking is something I personally never took to...Too many unknowns and dangers...I guess I'm just Chicken shit..YOU, on the other hand are one brave woman!
How funny that your Template place just closed up..no warning, no nuttin'! Weird!
I hope you can get it all back Chickie. I really laughed hard at your first sentence or two...."slower than old dead people..." LOL. Indeed!

Chickie said...

Hiking is something that I have never taken to either. After 3 days of pestering by the boys, I gave in.

I was thinking of changing my blog design so this is a sign!