Someone close to me* got some really disheartening news today concerning their employment status and how their employer of several years views them. I am madder than a hornet's nest. It really goes to show that you can give 120% and still be told "fuck off" in the end. I'm not really sure how this will all be dealt with. There are a couple of options at this point. I'm a big fan of signs. Like, "if things go this way then I will do this" sort of thing. If things go well tomorrow in regards to something pretty major, then I will relax. I have a funny feeling that things won't go the way that we'd like though. We shall see.

My schedule this week has been all weird. Instead of working four 10 hour days, I'm doing five 8 hour days. Monday through Friday. This is because I had to do some training for 3 days this week. When I got this job (too fucking long ago) it was described as customer service. You call me when you have a late fee or don't recognize something on your bill. Now, we're having to deal with internet issues. I am so not looking forward to those kinds of calls.

The boys have begged us to let them ride their bikes to school for the past couple of years and we didn't let them because they were going to different schools and it was just as easy for us to pick them up from school. This is the first (and only) year that they will be in middle school together and we told them this summer that they could ride their bikes this year. They have been so excited.

The first day of school got here and they went to school and filled their backpacks with roughly 30 pounds of books apiece. They hadn't been able to ride their bikes yet because school had been closed due to the tropical storm and their schedules weren't set. They decided yesterday that they won't ride their bikes because their backpacks are too heavy. They're afraid that they'll turn turtle when going around a curve. They get lockers at school (that you have to freaking pay for) but are only allowed to go to them during certain times of the day so they end up carrying all of their stuff. It sucks.

Chi Chi 2.0 should be returning from her vacation soon. They said they'd contact me a couple of weeks before she was ready to get the final payment and they did that in the last week or so. I'm really hoping that it looks like she's sleeping and not just a dead dog in the corner.

One of my friends in Texas was one of Chi Chi's early owners and she has Chi Chi's registration papers tucked away somewhere. She will send them to me when she finds them. That is when I will be ready for a new dog. I'm going to try and track down one of Chi Chi's relatives.

*Like sleeping in the next room close to me.


Anonymous said...

I feel really sorry for ya'll. Hope things work out.

I lost my beloved new doggie today. He was 1/2 Maltese and 1/2 Yorkie. I only had him for a month, and today my 20 yr old left him outside (in 90+ degree heat, no less) and the dog got out and ran away. I really think someone took him. I'm so sad. I've never lost a dog before.

Anyway, just saying hi.

Atlas Cerise said...

Have you upgraded your iPhone to the 2.0 firmware yet? If so, treat yourself to the Koi Pond app. You'll feel better after fingering some fish.

moooooog35 said...

Isn't that how a hooker feels?

You give 120% and then get told to 'fuck off' in the end.

Or...is it $120 to actually get f'd in the end?

I can't remember. I'm old.

Sara Sue said...

I sure hope everything works out for you guys!
I can't wait for Chi Chi to come back from vacation!
And finally ... I understand Mooogie Baby likes to get f'd in the end.

Monogram Queen said...

That really really sucks. I hope the work thing gets straightened out. I'm going through something similar right now. It hurts your self esteem like a MF.
Those are some school issues... ugh.
I am curious how Chi Chi will look also.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

That is sucky news. Hope - in fact, I'm sure they will - the signs point in a new and much better direction.

Ginamonster said...

Strange, that's very similar to the situation I didn't blog about yesterday. Thankfully, it doesn't really affect me except emotionally. YOU on the other hand, will make it through because that's what you do.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope things work out the way you want. You should get a real dog, huskies rule!!

Chickie said...

Becky - Oh, I’m sorry about your dog! That sucks. I’ve never lost a dog for good but was babysitting a dog once and it got away for about 90 minutes.

Atlas Cerise - I have upgraded and am loving some of the new apps. Will definitely give the Koi Pond a whirl.

moooooog35 - So you’re old. But does your butt still hurt? That will help you remember.

Sara Sue - We’ve been anxiously checking the porch for Chi Chi’s arrival. I think I’ll video Tiny’s reaction when she is unveiled.

Monogram Queen - Yeah, it was quite a whack to his self esteem. I was so pissed off that I really couldn’t see straight.

here today, gone tomorrow - The signs point in a new and better direction but it’s going to take awhile before its here. I’m just glad we both still have our jobs.

Ginamonster - I almost didn’t say anything about it but it was all that had been on my mind for a bit.

The Phosgene Kid - Hey, don’t knock the chihuahua! What’s not to love about a dog that will fit in your microwave?