So Lonely

Hello, people of the world. Tiny Dog here. One, sad, lonesome little Tiny Dog. Mama is on vacation. I hate vacation with a passion that is brighter than eleventy billion suns.

Usually, Mama leaves me and Stinky at home alone and NeighborGirl comes over a few times a day to let us outside. We make the best of a bad situation by throwing parties and raiding the tequila bottle. But not this year. This year we are at Papa's sister's house. (I guess she'd be our aunt?) Aunt has 3 other dogs! Three! And TWO are pit bulls! Friendly but pit bulls nonetheless. I am constantly watching my ass to make sure I still have it.

This is me and Mama the day before she left.

Oh, dear Dog. I miss her.


Amy said...

Awww, poor Tiny and Stinky.

Pit bulls!!! OMG... Chickie, were training Tiny and Stinky on survival methods or how to be appetizers?!?!?!

Chickie said...

I think this will be a good learning experience for Tiny. She's too big for her britches and needs to learn that she's not a badass. Stinky did a test run over there a couple of weeks ago and the other dogs didn't bother her. The pit bulls are still puppies.

themom said...

As long as Tiny TRAINS those pit bulls while they are puppies - I guess it is OK. If not - I may have to send them weapons for self-defense.

Anonymous said...

How old are the puppies? Are they still bigger than Tiny? If not, she should train them now so that they will always be afraid of her even when they get older and bigger.

Chickie said...

themom - I hear that Tiny is holding her own with Stinky's help. The other dog's are afraid of Stinky and Tiny hides behind her. No weapons are needed at this time!

Midwestern City Boy - Both puppies are much bigger than Tiny. One is a good 40 pounds or so and the other is 20ish. Tiny is way out of her element.